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Human neural stem/progenitor cells derived from embryonic stem cells and fetal nervous system present differences in immunogenicity and immunomodulatory potentials in vitro.
To develop cell therapies for damaged nervous tissue with human neural stem/progenitor cells (hNPCs), the risk of an immune response and graft rejection must be considered. There are conflictingExpand
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Cross-correlation of Planck CMB lensing and CFHTLenS galaxy weak lensing maps
We cross-correlate cosmic microwave background (CMB) lensing and galaxy weak lensing maps using the Planck 2013 and 2015 data and the 154 deg^2 Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Lensing SurveyExpand
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The PCP effector Fuzzy controls cilial assembly and signaling by recruiting Rab8 and Dishevelled to the primary cilium
During vertebrate development, the PCP pathway controls multiple cellular processes. Loss of the gene for the PCP effector Fuzzy affects formation of primary cilia via mostly unknown mechanisms. WeExpand
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Classical aspects in above-threshold ionization with a midinfrared strong laser field.
We present high resolution photoelectron energy spectra of noble gas atoms from high intensity above-threshold ionization (ATI) at midinfrared wavelengths. An unexpected structure at the veryExpand
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hTERT genetic variation in depression.
BACKGROUND Telomeres are protective DNA-protein complexes forming the chromosome ends. TL differs between tissues. Shorter telomere length (TL) in blood leukocytes (LTL) has been associated withExpand
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Interleukin-6 and depressive symptom severity in response to physical exercise
Elevated IL-6 has been implicated in depression. The anti-inflammatory effects of exercise may be associated with its clinical efficacy for depression. We determined if serum IL-6 levels were alteredExpand
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Mood Stabilizers and the Influence on Global Leukocyte DNA Methylation in Bipolar Disorder
Little is known about the relationship between treatments for bipolar disorder (BD), their therapeutic responses and the DNA methylation status. We investigated whether global DNA methylation levelsExpand
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Stress, depressive status and telomere length: Does social interaction and coping strategy play a mediating role?
BACKGROUND Telomeres have been reported to be shorter in individuals exposed to psychosocial stress and in those with depression. Since negative environmental stress is a risk factor for depression,Expand
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Boosted dark matter in IceCube and at the galactic center
A bstractWe show that event excess observed by the IceCube collaboration at TeV-PeV energies, usually interpreted as evidence for astrophysical neutrinos, can be explained alternatively by theExpand
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Strange quark contributions to parity-violating asymmetries in the backward angle G0 electron scattering experiment.
We have measured parity-violating asymmetries in elastic electron-proton and quasielastic electron-deuteron scattering at Q2=0.22 and 0.63 GeV2. They are sensitive to strange quark contributions toExpand
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