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Altitude and temperature dependence of change in the spring vegetation green-up date from 1982 to 2006 in the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau
Abstract Research in phenology change has been one heated topic of current ecological and climate change study. In this study, we use satellite derived NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)Expand
Human BRCA2 protein promotes RAD51 filament formation on RPA-covered ssDNA
The purification of full-length human BRCA2 is reported and it is shown that it binds to ∼6 RAD51 molecules and promotes RAD51 binding to ssDNA coated by replication protein A (RPA), in a manner that is stimulated by DSS1. Expand
Reduced Synaptic STIM2 Expression and Impaired Store-Operated Calcium Entry Cause Destabilization of Mature Spines in Mutant Presenilin Mice
It is demonstrated that overexpression of STIM2 rescues synaptic nSOC, CaMKII activity, and mushroom spine loss in KI neurons and is identified as a novel potential therapeutic target for treatment of AD and age-related memory decline. Expand
Rad51 paralogs Rad55-Rad57 balance the anti-recombinase Srs2 in Rad51 filament formation
It is proposed that the Rad51 presynaptic filament is a meta-stable reversible intermediate, whose assembly and disassembly is governed by the balance between Rad55–Rad57 and Srs2, providing a key regulatory mechanism controlling the initiation of homologous recombination. Expand
Geological and ecological factors drive cryptic speciation of yews in a biodiversity hotspot.
The high genetic divergence, long-term isolation and ecological differentiation suggest a scenario of cryptic speciation in T. wallichiana associated with geological and climatic changes in the HHM, and challenges the notion of general population 'contraction' during the last glaciation in the region. Expand
C. elegans phototransduction requires a G protein-dependent cGMP pathway and a taste receptor homolog
The genetic, pharmacological and electrophysiological data suggest a model in which LITE-1 transduces light signals in ASJ via G protein signaling, which leads to upregulation of the second messenger cGMP, followed by opening of cG MP-sensitive CNG channels and stimulation of photoreceptor cells. Expand
Complete Proteomic-Based Enzyme Reaction and Inhibition Kinetics Reveal How Monolignol Biosynthetic Enzyme Families Affect Metabolic Flux and Lignin in Populus trichocarpa[W]
A proteomic-based predictive kinetic metabolic-flux model was developed for monolignol biosynthesis in Populus trichocarpa and predicts how pathway enzymes affect lignin content and composition, explains a long-standing paradox regarding the regulation of monolIGNol subunit ratios in lignIn, and reveals novel mechanisms involved in theregulation of lign in biosynthesis. Expand
Functional aging in the nervous system contributes to age-dependent motor activity decline in C. elegans.
It is found that motor neurons exhibit a progressive functional decline, beginning in early life, and surprisingly, body-wall muscles, which were previously thought to undergo functional aging, do not manifest such a decline until mid-late life. Expand
Prevalence of cerebral palsy in China.
The findings suggest the survival quality of these Chinese children needs to be improved and that intrapartum and neonatal antecedents might play an important role in the aetiology of cerebral palsy compared to developed countries. Expand
Splashing phenomena during liquid droplet impact
Splashing is a phenomenon often observed during liquid droplet impact onto a solid surface. The threshold of splashing is known to be related to droplet size, impact velocity, and physical propertiesExpand