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Thirty-nine cases of intracranial hemangiopericytoma and anaplastic hemangiopericytoma: a retrospective review of MRI features and pathological findings.
OBJECTIVE To retrospectively review the imaging features of surgically and pathologically confirmed intracranial hemangiopericytoma and anaplastic hemangiopericytoma. METHODS Thirty-nine cases ofExpand
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An analysis of the magnetic resonance imaging and pathology of intracal lymphoplasmacyte-rich meningioma.
OBJECTIVE To discuss the MRI features of the intracranial lymphoplasmacyte-rich meningioma and the correlation between the MRI features and pathology. METHODS Review retrospectively the MRI andExpand
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Features of two-pion Bose-Einstein correlations based on event-by-event analysis in smoothed particle hydrodynamics
We examine the space-time structure of the particle-emitting sources with fluctuating initial conditions in smoothed particle hydrodynamics. The two-pion correlation functions of single events forExpand
Detection of source inhomogeneity through event-by-event two-pion Bose–Einstein correlations
Abstract We develop a method for detecting the inhomogeneity of the pion-emitting sources produced in ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions, through event-by-event two-pion Bose–EinsteinExpand
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