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Tet3 Reads 5-Carboxylcytosine through Its CXXC Domain and Is a Potential Guardian against Neurodegeneration.
We report that the mammalian 5-methylcytosine (5mC) oxidase Tet3 exists as three major isoforms and characterized the full-length isoform containing an N-terminal CXXC domain (Tet3FL). This CXXCExpand
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Calculation of the fractal dimensions of machined surface profiles
The optimal method calculating the fractal dimension of a machined surface profile is discussed in this paper. Through the analysis of the results calculated by use of the Weiestrass-MandelbrotExpand
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China’s Income Distribution System Reform and Income Growth Strategy
The reform of the income distribution system is an important part of the economic system reform, is an important reflection of economic development and social progress, and is an important guaranteeExpand
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A Study on Shape Determinative Slices for the Masseter Muscle
We localize the shape-determinative slices of the masseter, which plays a critical role in the mastication system, from magnetic resonance (MR) data sets for clinical purposes. Expand
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Detection of singular and chaotic signal using adaptive parameters with fuzzy-logic
  • J. Liu, W. Cao
  • Mathematics
  • Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference…
  • 24 August 2004
In the field of signal processing, there is a need to detect and extract information from signals quickly and efficiently. Signal features that are difficult to process are discontinuousExpand
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Finite Element Analysis Active Learning Modules Embedded Throughout a Curriculum: Implementation and Assessment of Results Based on Student GPA
Commercial finite element packages are widely used in industry thereby making exposure to this tool an essential component of undergraduate engineering education. This paper discusses theExpand
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Liouville theorems of stable $F$-harmonic maps for compact convex hypersurfaces
Let M be a compact convex hypersurface in Rnþ1. In this paper, we proved firstly that if the principal curvatures li of M n satisfy 0 < l1 a a ln and ln < Pn 1 j1⁄41 lj , then there exist noExpand
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A Solution to the World Economic and Financial Crisis
This paper introduces the matter growth equation, discusses the patterns of economic growth and the growth of labor productivity, analyses the causes of the stagnation and economic crisis and theExpand