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Trace element abundances in major minerals of Late Permian coals from southwestern Guizhou province, China
Abstract Fourteen samples of minerals were separated by handpicking from Late Permian coals in southwestern Guizhou province, China. These 14 minerals were nodular pyrite, massive recrystallizedExpand
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Aggregation and soil organic carbon fractions under different land uses on the tableland of the Loess Plateau of China
Abstract Land uses and cultivation are important factors controlling SOC storage on the Loess Plateau. These factors may also affect the relative importance of different mechanisms for theExpand
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Sustainability assessment of regional water resources under the DPSIR framework
Summary Fresh water is a scarce and critical resource in both natural and socioeconomic systems. Increasing populations combined with an increasing demand for water resources have led to waterExpand
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Geometric stiffening effect on rigid-flexible coupling dynamics of an elastic beam
In the previous work, the authors examined the effect of the geometric stiffness terms on the stability of an elastic beam undergoing prescribed large overall motion. The aim of the present work isExpand
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The Pharmabiotic Approach to Treat Hyperammonemia
Ammonia is constantly produced as a metabolic waste from amino acid catabolism in mammals. Ammonia, the toxic waste metabolite, is resolved in the liver where the urea cycle converts free ammonia toExpand
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Temporal-spatial variability of desertification in an agro-pastoral transitional zone of northern Shaanxi Province, China
Desertification has been widely treated as one of the major environmental hazards in the world by scientific communities and the public. Monitoring the dynamics and causes of desertification isExpand
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Mapping soil salinity using a similarity-based prediction approach: A case study in Huanghe River Delta, China
Spatial distribution of soil salinity can be estimated based on its environmental factors because soil salinity is strongly affected and indicated by environmental factors. Different with otherExpand
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Effects of connectivity, dispersal directionality and functional traits on the metacommunity structure of river benthic diatoms
Aim Dendritic ecological networks (DENs), such as river systems, combine features that challenge the traditional conceptual views and empirical approaches applied to metacommunities. As a result ofExpand
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Temporal transport of major and trace elements in the upper reaches of the Xijiang River, SW China
Abstract This study investigated the temporal variations of major and trace element contents and controlling factors in the upper reaches of the Xijiang River, SW China. The results showed the majorExpand
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Quantifying driving forces of urban wetlands change in Beijing City
The decision tree and the threshold methods have been adopted to delineate boundaries and features of water bodies from LANDSAT images. After a spatial overlay analysis and using a remote sensingExpand
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