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Identification and analysis of functional elements in 1% of the human genome by the ENCODE pilot project
We report the generation and analysis of functional data from multiple, diverse experiments performed on a targeted 1% of the human genome as part of the pilot phase of the ENCODE Project. These dataExpand
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Molecular architecture of native HIV-1 gp120 trimers
The envelope glycoproteins (Env) of human and simian immunodeficiency viruses (HIV and SIV, respectively) mediate virus binding to the cell surface receptor CD4 on target cells to initiate infection.Expand
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Portfolio Selection in Stochastic Environments
In this article, I explicitly solve dynamic portfolio choice problems, up to the solution of an ordinary differential equation (ODE), when the asset returns are quadratic and the agent has a constantExpand
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Distribution and three-dimensional structure of AIDS virus envelope spikes
Envelope glycoprotein (Env) spikes on AIDS retroviruses initiate infection of host cells and are therefore targets for vaccine development. Though crystal structures for partial Env subunits areExpand
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Dynamic Derivative Strategies
This paper studies the optimal investment strategy of an investor who can access not only the bond and the stock markets, but also the derivatives market. We consider the investment situation where,Expand
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Lysin Motif–Containing Proteins LYP4 and LYP6 Play Dual Roles in Peptidoglycan and Chitin Perception in Rice Innate Immunity[W][OA]
This work characterizes the roles of two LysM-containing proteins, LYP4 and LYP6, in rice innate immunity. It finds that they act as unique dual-function pattern recognition receptors that canExpand
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Asian Students' Classroom Communication Patterns in U.S. Universities: An Emic Perspective
  • J. Liu
  • Political Science
  • 30 October 2001
Preface Introduction: My Journey of Adaptive Cultural Transformation Asian Students in U.S. Higher Education Studying Asian Students' Participation in American Classrooms Understanding AsianExpand
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How to Discount Cashflows with Time-Varying Expected Returns
While many studies document that the market risk premium is predictable and that betas are not constant, the dividend discount model ignores time-varying risk premiums and betas. We develop a modelExpand
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Molecular architecture of chemoreceptor arrays revealed by cryoelectron tomography of Escherichia coli minicells
The chemoreceptors of Escherichia coli localize to the cell poles and form a highly ordered array in concert with the CheA kinase and the CheW coupling factor. However, a high-resolution structure ofExpand
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The unique paradigm of spirochete motility and chemotaxis.
Spirochete motility is enigmatic: It differs from the motility of most other bacteria in that the entire bacterium is involved in translocation in the absence of external appendages. Using the LymeExpand
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