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BestConfig: tapping the performance potential of systems via automatic configuration tuning
We present Best Config, a system for automatically finding a best configuration setting within a resource limit for a deployed system under a given application workload. Expand
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Location-Aware Collaborative Filtering for QoS-Based Service Recommendation
We propose a method of location-aware collaborative filtering to recommend Web services to users by incorporating locations of both users and services in predicting QoS values. Expand
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An Effective Web Service Recommendation Method Based on Personalized Collaborative Filtering
We present an effective personalized collaborative filtering method for Web service recommendation that takes into account the personalized influence of users and services when computing similarity measurement of Web services. Expand
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Web Service Selection for Resolving Conflicting Service Requests
This paper aims at solving these conflicts and developing a global optimal service selection method for multiple related service requesters, thereby optimizing service resources and improving performance of the system. Expand
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A case study of an inter-enterprise workflow-supported supply chain management system
This paper presents how the system is designed and implemented in detail as well as the experiences and lessons gained. Expand
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ClubCF: A Clustering-Based Collaborative Filtering Approach for Big Data Application
  • Rong Hu, W. Dou, J. Liu
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing
  • 11 March 2014
A clustering-based collaborative filtering approach is proposed in this paper, which aims at recruiting similar services in the same clusters to recommend services collaboratively. Expand
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Integrated Content and Network-Based Service Clustering and Web APIs Recommendation for Mashup Development
We propose an integrated content and network-based service clustering and Web APIs recommendation method for Mashup development. Expand
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A Constraint-driven Execution Plan for Maximizing Concurrency in Product Development
This paper discusses a constraint-driven execution plan to handle the concurrency during scheduling of various dependent tasks. Expand
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A Probabilistic Topic Model for Mashup Tag Recommendation
We propose a novel Mashup-API-Tag model for automatic mashup tag recommendation that incorporates composition relationships between mashups and APIs as well as annotation relationships between APIs and tags to discover the latent topics. Expand
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Towards a trust evaluation middleware for cloud service selection
With the advent of cloud computing, employing various cloud services to build highly reliable cloud applications has become increasingly popular. The trustworthiness of cloud services is a criticalExpand
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