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The relationship between environment and logistics performance: Evidence from Asian countries
Abstract Logistics performance plays an important role in green supply chain management that leads to environmental sustainability. The objective of this paper is to analyze the nexus betweenExpand
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Tiny and Dim Infrared Target Detection Based on Weighted Local Contrast
We introduce a method for IR tiny and dim target detection based on a new weighted local contrast measure. Expand
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Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Safety Culture in Coal Mining Enterprises
Evaluating safety culture of coal mining enterprises can promote effectively their safety management. This paper introduces an improved fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model specially designed for theExpand
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Predictive soil mapping with limited sample data
Existing predictive soil mapping (PSM) methods often require soil sample data to be sufficient to represent soil-environment relationships throughout the study area. However, in many parts of theExpand
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Paper-based analytical devices in environmental applications and their integration with portable technologies
We provide a critical overview on paper-based analytical devices intended for environmental monitoring. Expand
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Uncovering the ancient canal-based tuntian agricultural landscape at China's northwestern frontiers
Abstract The tuntian system was a state-promoted system of military–agriculture, which originated in the Western Han dynasty (206 BC–9 AD). All the imperial dynasties in Chinese history adopted theExpand
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Successful early warning and emergency response of a disastrous rockslide in Guizhou province, China
Early warning of landslides is crucial for risk management and reduction, attracting a lot of attention from both scientists and stakeholders. However, it is challenging due to the complex nature ofExpand
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Triaging moderate COVID-19 and other viral pneumonias from routine blood tests
The COVID-19 is sweeping the world with deadly consequences. Its contagious nature and clinical similarity to other pneumonias make separating subjects contracted with COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 viralExpand
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Low-Cost Archaeological Investigation and Rapid Mapping of Ancient Stone Tidal Weirs in the Penghu Archipelago Using Google Earth
This paper provides a brief history review of the use of ancient weirs in fishing on our planet, as well as a pilot study that involves investigating and mapping the coastal heritage of ancient stoneExpand
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