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An Introduction to Black Holes, Information And The String Theory Revolution: The Holographic Universe
Over the last decade the physics of black holes has been revolutionized by developments that grew out of Jacob Bekenstein's realization that black holes have entropy. Stephen Hawking raised profoundExpand
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Is there really a de Sitter/CFT duality?
In this paper a de Sitter Space version of Black Hole Complementarity is formulated which states that an observer in de Sitter Space describes the surrounding space as a sealed finite temperatureExpand
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How quantum entanglement in DNA synchronizes double-strand breakage by type II restriction endonucleases.
Macroscopic quantum effects in living systems have been studied widely in pursuit of fundamental explanations for biological energy transport and sensing. While it is known that type IIExpand
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Consequences of a Cosmological Phase Transition at the TeV Scale
A finite vacuum energy density implies the existence of a UV scale for gravitational modes. This gives a phenomenological scale to the dynamical equations governing the cosmological expansion thatExpand
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Surface-state origin for the blueshifted emission in anodically etched porous silicon carbide
Anodic etching of SiC yields a highly monodisperse distribution of nanometer dimension porous structures which extend to a significant depth. Cathodoluminescence (CL) studies of the porous layersExpand
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Phenomenological theory of low voltage electroporation: Electric field calculations
In common electroporators, cells can be transfected with foreign genes by applying a 150−700 V pulse on the cell suspension. Because of Joule heating, the cell survival rate is 10−20% in theseExpand
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Electroporation of Biological Cells Embedded in a Polycarbonate Filter
The electropermeabilization of biological cell membranes by the application of an external field occurs whenever an applied field exceeds a threshold value. For fields above this threshold value butExpand
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Quantum Physics Relevance to Psychiatry
Since the early 1900’s, physics has gone a silent revolution, the heart of which lies the idea of quantum mechanics. We now understand the predictions based on classical or Newtonian physics to beExpand
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The Classical Electron Problem
In this paper, we construct a parallel image of the conventional Maxwell theory by replacing the observer-time by the proper-time of the source. This formulation is mathematically, but notExpand
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Canonical proper time formulation of relativistic particle dynamics
A canonical (contact) transformation is performed on the time variable (in extended phase space) to reexpress relativistic dynamics in terms of proper time, leaving the generalized coordinates andExpand
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