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Regulating Public Procurement, National and International Perspectives
Because of its enormous economic power and susceptibility to corruption, public procurement - the purchase by government of goods and services - has come under increasing regulation as world tradeExpand
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The Misery of International Law
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The Economics of Uniform Laws and Uniform Law Making
Uniform law making has a substantial history in the twentieth century. It seems to be continuing with some force into the twenty-first century. A significant American law and economics literature,Expand
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Luck, Justice and Systemic Financial Risk
Systemic financial risk is one of the most significant collective action problems facing societies. The Great Recession brought attention to a tragedy of the commons in capital markets, in whichExpand
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Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Contract
The aim of this article is to inquire whether contract law can operate in a state of affairs in which artificial general intelligence (AGI) exists and has the cognitive abilities to interact withExpand
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Anglo-American Jurisprudence and Latin America
This Article attempts to describe certain characteristics of Latin American legal culture that have jurisprudential implications and to inquire into certain themes of jurisprudence in the context ofExpand
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Lead Diffusion and Closure Temperature in FeS: Implications for Dating Iron Meteorites
Introduction: Many iron meteorites have enough radiogenic lead in their sulfide phases to allow for absolute age dating using the Pb-Pb system (Chen and Wasserbuerg, 1983). Absolute ages have beenExpand