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HEp-2 image classification using intensity order pooling based features and bag of words
Abstract Human Epithelial type 2 (HEp-2) cells play an important role in the diagnosis of autoimmune disorder. Traditional approach relies on specialists to observe HEp-2 slides via the fluorescenceExpand
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Two-step junction-splitting SAR analog-to-digital converter
A new architecture is proposed to reduce the power consumption and capacitor area in successive-approximation register analog-to-digital converters (SAR ADCs). Two junction-split binary-weightedExpand
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An embedded 0.8 V/480 /spl mu/W 6b/22 MHz flash ADC in 0.13-/spl mu/m digital CMOS process using a nonlinear double interpolation technique
For high-data-rate wireless communication, low-voltage baseband converters integrated with DSP in deep submicrometer processes are area- and power-efficient. Through careful architecture selectionsExpand
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Research on a high-precision measuring technique for the curvature radius of a concave spherical surface
A novel focus-setting technique is elaborated in terms of its theoretical analysis and experimental results. Upon the new technology a high precision instrument for measuring curvature radius ofExpand
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A novel fault-tolerant control strategy for Near Space Hypersonic Vehicles via Least Squares Support Vector Machine and Backstepping method
  • J. Song, J. Lin, E. Yang
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • 22nd International Conference on Automation and…
  • 24 October 2016
Near Space Hypersonic Vehicle (NSHV) could play significant roles in both military and civilian applications. It may cause huge losses of both personnel and property when a fatal fault occurs. It isExpand
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Protocols conversion in remote controlling for CCD camera
In the industrial and network monitoring field, there are several protocols such as Pelco D/P used for remote operation and widely applied to control the pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera systems. But forExpand
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A Literature Review of Research on China's Monetary Policy and Debt Leverage
One of the problems of China's economic transformation is the high debt leverage,the call for deleveraging has become one of the hottest issues in recent years. The existing researches have discussedExpand
The Influencing Factors of Chinese Corporations’ Leverage
Faced with the pressure of economic downturn and structural transformation, high debt leverage has become a prominent problem of China's economic development. This article takes 2007-2018 annual dataExpand
Nonlinear FOPID and Active Disturbance Rejection Hypersonic Vehicle Control Based on DEM Biogeography-Based Optimization
This paper proposes an accurate system model independent resilient control approach with heuristic parameter optimization algorithm for air-breathing hypersonic vehicle tracking control. The controlExpand
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Research on the Linear Continuous Attenuator Technique of Large Caliber
The key technology that the attenuators of the continuous values are designed, manufactured and calibrated to calibrate the range of Laser Range Finder is discussed in this paper. The transmittanceExpand