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A behavioral model of Web traffic
A Web traffic model designed to assist in the evaluation and engineering of shared communication networks and is behavioral, which can extrapolate the model to assess the effect of changes in protocols, the network or user behavior. Expand
Wireless medium access control protocols
This survey discusses the challenges in the design of wireless MAC protocols, classifies them based on architecture and mode of operation, and describes their relative performance and application domains in which they are best deployed. Expand
Distortion Criteria of the Human Viewer
  • J. Limb
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and…
  • 1 December 1979
A crude quantative model of the human viewer to be determined is enabled and this technique is used to study both linearly filtered error measures and picture dependent nonlinear weightings of the error. Expand
Picture coding: A review
This paper presents a review of techniques used for digital encoding of picture material. Statistical models of picture signals and elements of psychophysics relevant to picture coding are coveredExpand
Description of Fasnet — A unidirectional local-area communications network
Fasnet is an implicit token-passing, local-area network aimed at supporting high data rates and carrying a wide mix of traffic (data, voice, video, and facsimile). Transmission is unidirectional withExpand
Wireless collision detect (WCD): multiple access with receiver initiated feedback and carrier detect signal
  • A. Gummalla, J. Limb
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Communications…
  • 18 June 2000
Wireless collision detect (WCD) is proposed to enhance the performance of existing busy-tone solutions and eliminates hidden and exposed nodes in ad-hoc wireless networks. Expand
Estimating the Velocity of Moving Images in Television Signals
Abstract A method is described for extracting from a television signal an estimate of the velocity of moving images within the scene. The scene is first segmented into stationary and moving parts.Expand
Measuring the Speed of Moving Objects from Television Signals
Very simple techniques for estimating the speed of a moving object from a television signal are described and one technique is quite sufficient to enable the measure to be used as a control signal for the efficient coding of television type signals. Expand
A Simple Multiple Access Protocol for Metropolitan Area Networks
  • J. Limb
  • Computer Science
  • 1 August 1990
This work describes here a particularly simple access mechanism referred to as Simple (S), which is almost as efficient as more complex protocols and its overload performance is well behaved. Expand