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Latest Cretaceous mammals of upper part of Edmonton Formation of Alberta, Canada, and review of marsupial-placental dichotomy in mammalian evolution
7 Zoogeographic considerations of INTRODUCTION 8 Edmonton Formation multituberculates .. 31 Acknowledgments 8 Subclass Theria—Infraclass PART I.—FOSSIL MAMMALS OF UPPER PART Metatheria—OrderExpand
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Fossil mammals from the "Mesaverde" Formation (late Cretaceous, Judithian) of the Bighorn and Wind River basins, Wyoming : with definitions of late Cretaceous North American land-mammal "ages".
Mammalian faunas are documented for the first time from the "Mesaverde" Formation (Late Cretaceous) ofWyoming. Nonmarine fossils from the Bighorn and Wind River basins indicate a Judithian (revisedExpand
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Survival in the first hours of the Cenozoic
For several hours following the Chicxulub impact, the entire Earth was bathed with intense infrared radiation from ballistically reentering ejecta. The global heat pulse would have killed unshelteredExpand
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Amber from Upper Cretaceous through Paleocene strata of the Hanna Basin, Wyoming, with evidence for source and taphonomy of fossil resins
The Hanna Basin is a relatively small foreland basin in south-central Wyoming containing a combined thickness of roughly 38,000 ft (11.5 km) of Upper Cretaceous and Palecene strata. Amber occurs inExpand
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