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Expression pattern of tumour-associated antigens in hepatocellular carcinoma: association with immune infiltration and disease progression
Background:The distinct expression pattern of tumour-associated antigens (TAAs) might be a critical reason for the inefficacy of immunity-based treatments and heterogeneous postsurgical recovery inExpand
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Interphase model for FE prediction of the effective thermal conductivity of the composites with imperfect interfaces
Abstract This paper addresses the Finite Element (FE) homogenization of the Effective Thermal Conductivities (ETCs) of the Composites with Imperfect Interfaces (CIIs). To model the imperfectExpand
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Coevolution spreading in complex networks
Abstract The propagations of diseases, behaviors and information in real systems are rarely independent of each other, but they are coevolving with strong interactions. Expand
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A universal indicator of critical state transitions in noisy complex networked systems
We propose an analytical framework for exactly predicting the critical transition in a complex networked system subjected to noise effects. Expand
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Dynamics of a lattice gas system of three species
This paper considers a mutualism system of three species in which each species provides resource for the next one in a one-directional loop, while there exists spatial competition among them. Expand
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Linear approximations of global behaviors in nonlinear systems with moderate or strong noise.
While many physical or chemical systems can be modeled by nonlinear Langevin equations (LEs), dynamical analysis of these systems is challenging in the cases of moderate and strong noise. Here weExpand
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Hopf Bifurcation in Mean Field Explains Critical Avalanches in Excitation-Inhibition Balanced Neuronal Networks: A Mechanism for Multiscale Variability
Cortical neural circuits display highly irregular spiking in individual neurons but variably sized collective firing, oscillations and critical avalanches at the population level, all of which haveExpand
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Detecting critical transitions in the case of moderate or strong noise by binomial moments.
Detecting critical transitions in the case of moderate or strong noise (collectively referred to as big noise) is challenging, since such noise can make a critical transition point far from theExpand
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Less is More: Wiring-Economical Modular Networks Support Self-Sustained Firing-Economical Neural Avalanches for Efficient Processing
We study intricate cost-efficient interplay between structure and dynamics in biologically plausible spatial modular neuronal network models. Expand