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Synthesis and characterization of graphite-like carbon nitride nanobelts and nanotubes
Carbon nitride nanobelts and nanotubes were synthesized through polycondensation of dicyandiamide (H4C2N4) and melamine (C3N6H6) at 290 °C and 4.5–5 MPa. The as-synthesized samples were investigatedExpand
Effects of post-heat treatment on microstructure and properties of laser cladded composite coatings on titanium alloy substrate
Abstract The composite coatings were produced on the Ti6Al4V alloy substrate by laser cladding. Subsequently, the coatings were heated at 500 °C for 1 h and 2 h and then cooled in air. Effects ofExpand
It has long been known that the conical antenna has broadband characteristics and good radiation efficiency. The design considerations in reducing the size of top loaded conical antenna by usingExpand
Pore structure control of mesoporous carbon monoliths derived from mixtures of phenolic resin and ethylene glycol
Mesoporous carbon monoliths derived from phenolic resin mixtures have been prepared in the process based on polymerization-induced phase separation. The effect of the composition of resin mixturesExpand
Preparation and characterization of polystyrene/polycarbonate composite hollow microspheres by microencapsulation method
Polystyrene/polycarbonate (PS/PC) composite hollow microspheres were successfully prepared via microencapsulation method. Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM),Expand
A newly designed high-pressure wet digester and its application to trace element analysis in human body.
Fabrication and characterization of biomorphic cellular C/SiC-ZrC composite ceramics from wood
Biomorphic cellular C/SiC-ZrC composite ceramics were fabricated from pine and oak wood precursors. Carbonaceous preforms were first prepared by wood pyrolysis and subsequently infiltrated withExpand
Cohesion and Toughness Improvement of Pitch Binder by Thermosetting Resin Modification for TiB2/C Composite Cathode
Furan, epoxy, and their composites were used to modify pitch binder for TiB2/C composite cathode in aluminum electrolysis. The physical-chemical properties of the cathodes have been investigated.Expand
Toughness of SA738Gr.B steel used for nuclear containment vessel
Abstract Toughness of structural steels is as important as the strength, but much more complicated partly due to the diversity of the characterization methods and the inconsistency among the obtainedExpand
Phase separation in pre-ceramic polymers blends and its influence on the microstructure of ZrC/SiC ceramic derivatives
Ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTCs) composed of ZrC and SiC were fabricated via pyrolysis of hybrid polymeric precursors comprising of polycarbosilane (PCS) and polyzirconobutanediol (PZC). PhaseExpand