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Crystal structure of the YTH domain of YTHDF2 reveals mechanism for recognition of N6-methyladenosine
Crystal structure of the YTH domain of YTHDF2 reveals mechanism for recognition of N6-methyladenosine
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Thioredoxin‐like domain of human κ class glutathione transferase reveals sequence homology and structure similarity to the θ class enzyme
Glutathione transferases (GSTs) are a superfamily of enzymes that play a vital functional role in the cellular detoxification process. They catalyze the conjugation of the thiol group of glutathioneExpand
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High production of laccase B from Trametes sp. in Pichia pastoris
The coding sequence of a laccase isozyme from Trametes sp. AH28-2 was cloned in pPIC9K vector and heterologously overexpressed in the yeast Pichiapastoris strain GS115. In the minimal mediumExpand
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Regularized tensor discriminant analysis for single trial EEG classification in BCI
In this paper, a tensor-based scheme is introduced for single trial electroencephalogram classification in brain computer interfacing (BCI). Expand
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Transition metal-mediated bioorthogonal protein chemistry in living cells.
Considerable attention has been focused on improving the biocompatibility of Cu(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC), a hallmark of bioorthogonal reaction, in living cells. BesidesExpand
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Quantum chemistry study on the relationship between molecular structure and corrosion inhibition efficiency of amides
Abstract Quantum chemical calculations were performed on four typical amides compounds e.g. urea, thiourea, thioacetamide and thiosemicarbazide, using the semi-empirical method MINDO/3 within programExpand
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Synthesis of Hollow Nanocubes and Macroporous Monoliths of Silicalite-1 by Alkaline Treatment
A simple strategy involving desilication and recrystallization of silicalite-1 in tetrapropylammonium hydroxide (TPAOH) solution was successfully developed to prepare hollow zeolite nanocubes andExpand
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Synthesis and formation of alumina whiskers from hydrothermal solution
Al2O3 whiskers with an average length of 5 μm have been synthesized from hydrothermal solution. Al(NO3)3 and urea were mixed and put into a Teflon-lined stainless steel autoclave and then treated atExpand
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