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Doubly constrained robust Capon beamformer
  • J. Li, P. Stoica, Z. Wang
  • Computer Science
  • The Thrity-Seventh Asilomar Conference on Signals…
  • 1 October 2003
The standard Capon beamformer (SCB) is known to have better resolution and much better interference rejection capability than the standard data-independent beamformer when the array steering vectorExpand
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New Modeling Approach and Equivalent Circuit Representation for Current-Mode Control
  • J. Li, F. Lee
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
  • 12 January 2010
Constant on-time current-mode control has been widely used to improve light-load efficiency, because it can reduce the switching frequency to save switching-related loss. Therefore, an accurate modelExpand
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Scale dependent wavelet selection for de-noising of partial discharge detection
Wavelet shrinkage methods are effective for de-noising of partial discharge (PD) detection. Base wavelets are related to distortion of PD signals de-noised by wavelet shrinkage methods. This paperExpand
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Maximum Likelihood Angle Estimation For Signals With Known Waveforms
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High Resolution Digital Duty Cycle Modulation Schemes for Voltage Regulators
  • J. Li, Y. Qiu, +4 authors F. Lee
  • Engineering
  • APEC 07 - Twenty-Second Annual IEEE Applied Power…
  • 7 May 2007
High switching frequency, high resolution digital pulse-width modulator (DPWM) is one of major challenges in the implementation of digital-controlled power converters, especially in the voltageExpand
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Ultralight and highly flexible aerogels with long cellulose I nanofibers
Ultralight and highly flexible aerogels with long cellulose I nanofibers (CNFs) were produced viapurification and defibrillation of wood fibers into CNF hydrogels, followed by freeze-drying. TheExpand
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The research and implementation of intelligent intrusion detection system based on artificial neural network
  • J. Li, G. Zhang, G. Gu
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of International Conference on…
  • 26 August 2004
An intrusion detection system is an important component of the computer and information security framework. Its main goal is to differentiate between normal activities of the system and behaviorsExpand
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Preparation of a vegetable oil-based nanofluid and investigation of its breakdown and dielectric properties
Investigations during the last decade have shown that conductive nanoparticles can be dispersed in transformer oils to form nanofluids. Well-dispersed nanoparticles are capable of increasing theExpand
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Adaptive Second-Order Sliding-Mode Observer for PMSM Sensorless Control Considering VSI Nonlinearity
This paper proposes an adaptive super-twisting algorithm based sliding-mode observer (STA-SMO) for surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) sensorless control, in which voltageExpand
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Consequent-Pole Toroidal-Winding Outer-Rotor Vernier Permanent-Magnet Machines
A novel consequent-pole toroidal-winding outer-rotor (CPTW) Vernier permanent-magnet (VPM) machine is proposed in this paper. Different from a regular VPM machine, the stator and rotor of theExpand
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