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Sequencing of allotetraploid cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. acc. TM-1) provides a resource for fiber improvement
Upland cotton is a model for polyploid crop domestication and transgenic improvement. Here we sequenced the allotetraploid Gossypium hirsutum L. acc. TM-1 genome by integrating whole-genome shotgunExpand
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Scandate Dispenser Cathode Fabrication for A High-Aspect-Ratio High-Current-Density Sheet Beam Electron Gun
A high-current-density scandate tungsten dispenser cathode was used for the demonstration of a 25 : 1-aspect-ratio 750-A/cm2 -current-density sheet beam for the Defence Advanced Research ProjectExpand
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High Current Density and Long-Life Nanocomposite Scandate Dispenser Cathode Fabrication
A nano-Sc<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>-added W powder for use in high current density thermionic cathodes has been made using a solution-gel method with the following controllable uniform averageExpand
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Intelligent Building Automation and Control Based on IndasIBMS
  • Ji Ye Li, Yue Zhang
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Service Sciences…
  • 11 April 2013
The basic elements of intelligent building are building automation, office automation, communication automation, fire alarm and emergency broadcasting, Security automation. One of the main factorsExpand
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A Compact Loop Heat Pipe With Flat Square Evaporator for High Power Chip Cooling
In this paper, systematic experimental and theoretical investigations were carried out on a copper-water compact loop heat pipe with a flat square evaporator having a bottom area of 30 mm × 30 mm.Expand
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A novel screening method for rice allelopathic potential: the inhibitory‐circle method
Summary Screening crop accessions for allelopathic activity is of paramount importance for crop allelopathy research. Previous bioassays often did not use a mixed culture of donor and target plants,Expand
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A Wide Sky Survey to search for TeV gamma-ray sources by the Tibet air shower array
A wide sky survey was performed using a quick analyzing method of equi-declination method applied to the data of the Tibet-II high-density array. Nineteen prominent directions, including theExpand
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Radial shockwave treatment promotes human mesenchymal stem cell self-renewal and enhances cartilage healing
BackgroundShockwaves and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been widely accepted as useful tools for many orthopedic applications. However, the modulatory effects of shockwaves on MSCs remainExpand
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Responses of benthic foraminifera to the 2011 oil spill in the Bohai Sea, PR China.
The 2011 oil spill in the Bohai Sea was the largest spill event in China. Nine sediment cores were taken near the spill site and environmental factors including Polycyclic Aromatic HydrocarbonExpand
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Emission Mechanism of High Current Density Thermionic Cathodes
Summary form only given. In this paper, the research on the emission performance and the nonuniform emission of M-type cathode, impregnated scandate cathode, oxide cathode, and novel scandia-dopedExpand
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