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The Relationship of Plasma miR-29a and Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein with Atherosclerosis
Increased miR-29a and ox-LDL levels were associated with an early stage of atherosclerosis, and the combination of miR -29aand ox- LDL offered better predictive values for Atherosclerosis than either alone or either alone. Expand
Diabetes self-management education reduces risk of all-cause mortality in type 2 diabetes patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis
The available evidence suggests that diabetes self-management education can reduce all-cause mortality risk in type 2 diabetes patients and further clinical trials with longer duration of follow-up are needed to validate the finding. Expand
Mental health training program for community mental health staff in Guangzhou, China: effects on knowledge of mental illness and stigma
The results from this study show that the training course is an effective way to improve community mental health staff’s attitudes toward people withmental illness in the short term, as well as to lessen the social distance between staff and people with mental illness. Expand
Allopurinol ameliorates cardiac function in non-hyperuricaemic patients with chronic heart failure.
  • J. Xiao, S. Deng, +4 authors Y. Ma
  • Medicine
  • European review for medical and pharmacological…
  • 2016
For non-hyperuricaemic patients with chronic heart failure, the addition of six months of allopurinol therapy was safe and effective and in these patients, allopURinol treatment not only can significantly ameliorate the left ventricular function and reduce the level of inflammatory factors but could also improve endothelial function. Expand
Plasma MicroRNA-29c Levels Are Associated with Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and is a Potential Biomarker for the Early Detection of Atherosclerosis
Increased miR-29c was closely associated with CIMT and may serve as a biomarker for identifying atherosclerotic patients and achieve a better prognostic value for atherosclerosis. Expand
Research on values of GDF-15 level in the diagnosis of primary liver cancer and evaluation of chemotherapeutic effect.
The serum GDF-15 level has certain clinical values in the diagnosis of primary liver cancer and evaluation of chemotherapeutic effect and was significantly higher than that in patients with partial remission and stable disease. Expand
Catastrophic health expenditure among single empty-nest elderly with multimorbidity in rural Shandong, China: the effect of co-occurrence of frailty
There is a positive effect of co-occurrence of frailty on the CHE among the single empty-nest elderly with multimorbidity, and this effect varies by economic status. Expand
The association of miR-29a with proteinuria in essential hypertension
Circulating miR-29a was found to be significantly and independently associated with proteinuria in hypertension and may serve as a potential non-invasive marker for detecting early stages of hypertensive nephropathy. Expand
The fluctuating incidence, improved survival of patients with breast cancer, and disparities by age, race, and socioeconomic status by decade, 1981–2010
A fluctuating incidence trend with improving survival rates of patients with breast cancer over the past 3 decades is demonstrated and the survival disparity exists among different races, ages, SESs, and stages. Expand
No effect of adjunctive, repeated dose intranasal insulin treatment on body metabolism in patients with schizophrenia
Adjunctive therapy of intranasal insulin did not seem to improve body metabolism in patients with schizophrenia, and the implications for future studies were discussed. Expand