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Energetic-particle-modified global Alfven eigenmodes
Fully self-consistent hybrid MHD/particle simulations reveal strong energetic particle modifications to sub-cyclotron global Alfven eigenmodes (GAEs) in low-aspect ratio, NSTX-like conditions. KeyExpand
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Analytic stability boundaries for compressional and global Alfv\'en eigenmodes driven by fast ions. II. Interaction via Landau resonance
Conditions for net fast ion drive are derived for beam-driven, co-propagating, sub-cyclotron compressional (CAE) and global (GAE) Alfv\'en eigenmodes driven by the Landau resonance withExpand
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The mission of the spherical tokamak NSTX-U is to explore the physics that drives core and pedestal transport and stability at high-β and low collisionality, as part of the development of the STExpand
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Hybrid simulations of sub-cyclotron compressional and global Alfv\'en Eigenmode stability in spherical tokamaks
A comprehensive numerical study has been conducted in order to investigate the stability of beam-driven, subcyclotron frequency compressional (CAE) and global (GAE) Alfvén eigenmodes in low aspectExpand
Excess noise in Lidar Thomson scattering methods
Fundamental detection limits for the Lidar Thomson scattering technique and in particular pulsed polarimetry are presented for the first time for the long wavelength limit of incoherent ThomsonExpand
Nonlinear simulations of beam-driven compressional Alfvén eigenmodes in NSTX
Results of 3D nonlinear simulations of neutral-beam-driven compressional Alfven eigenmodes (CAEs) in the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) are presented. Hybrid MHD-particle simulations forExpand
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NSTX/NSTX-U theory, modeling and analysis results
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