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Tracking Expenditures of the Elusive Nature Tourists of Southeastern Arizona
Expansion of nature tourism markets may be limited because of restrictions on visitor numbers at specific sites. Hence, factors affecting visitor expenditures are critical. This study of natureExpand
Nonfarm Activity and Rural Household Income: Evidence from Philippine Microdata
This article presents the response of Shelley Feldman to the comment made by Oded Stark on her paper "The impact of non-farm activity on income in a Philippine upland village". Feldman notes thatExpand
Redefining Agriculture in Interindustry Analysis
common uses is in determining the size or importance of an industry or set of industries. The availability of several secondary-data-based input-output models for states and counties has allowed forExpand
Measuring regional economic impacts of streamflow depletions
Because of large upstream diversions for agriculture and an absence of policies to protect in-stream flows, flows in the Rio Grande near Taos, New Mexico, routinely are low by midsummer. The reach isExpand
Rural Household Data Collection in Developing Countries: Designing Instruments and Methods for Collecting Time Allocation Data
This paper aids researchers who are conducting microeconomic work in developing countries to more effectively collect farm production data. The discussion focuses on helping the researcher who hasExpand
Economic Linkages Between the U.S. Greenhouse and Nursery Products Industry and Landscape Services
Abstract Landscape service firms are major purchasers of greenhouse and nursery products in the U.S. The 1985 U.S. Forest Service Impact Analysis for Planning (IMPLAN) input-output model for the st...
IMPLAN's Induced Effects Identified Through Multiplier Decomposition
An analysis of regional multipliers is developed to reveal a structural flaw in how IMPLAN computes induced effects. This analysis reveals a fixed ratio across sectors between total and Type IExpand
The Local Population Management Program (LPMP). Zamboanga del Sur (a case study).
This case study of the Local Population Management Program (LPMP) in Zamboanga del Sur during 1996-98 describes how the Philippine Population Management Program has been localized in the province.Expand
The economics of commercializing new industrial crops
New industrial crops are promoted as enterprises that will raise farm sector income, provide economic development activities for rural areas, and provide products that will substitute for importsExpand