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Abstract We investigate the roles of mitochondrial introgression and incomplete lineage sorting during the phylogenetic history of crotaphytid lizards. Our Bayesian phylogenetic estimate forExpand
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Head shape and bite performance in xenosaurid lizards.
Bite performance in lizards influences many aspects of the animal's lifestyle. During feeding, inter- and intrasexual interactions, and defensive behavior, the ability to bite hard might beExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships of North American garter snakes (Thamnophis) based on four mitochondrial genes: how much DNA sequence is enough?
The clade of garter snakes (Thamnophis) includes some of the most abundant and well-studied snakes in North America. However, phylogenetic relationships within this group have been little studied. WeExpand
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Bite-Force Performance Predicts Dominance in Male Venerable Collared Lizards (Crotaphytus antiquus)
Abstract The evolution of exaggerated structures that function as weapons in sexually dimorphic species is often explained by intra-sexual selection related to male combat, as these structures areExpand
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Ecological Observations of the Lizard, Xenosaurus grandis in Cuautlapan, Veracruz, Mexicol
Observations on the ecology of Xenosaurus grandis near Cuautlapan, Veracruz revealed that this rarely studied lizard is locally abundant in crevices of boulders in perennial tropical forest.Expand
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Conspicuousness of Dickerson's collared lizard (Crotaphytus dickersonae) through the eyes of conspecifics and predators
Selection should favour coloration in organisms that is more conspicuous to their own visual system than to those of their predators or prey. We tested this prediction in Dickerson’s collared lizardExpand
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Reproduction in females of three species of crevice-dwelling lizards (genus Xenosaurus) from Mexico
Registramos la reproducción de tres especies de las lagartijas de México (Xenosaurus grandis, X. newmanorum, y X. platyceps; Xenosauridae) para investigar si ellas comparte las característicasExpand
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Comparative thermal ecology of the high-altitude lizard Sceloporus grammicus on the eastern slope of the Iztaccihuatl Volcano, Puebla, Mexico
We studied the thermal ecology of Sceloporus grammicus occurring in very different thermal environments at 3700 and 4400 m elevation on the Iztaccihuatl Volcano, Mexico. Despite differences in theExpand
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Growth Ecology of the Lizard Xenosaurus grandis in Veracruz, México
Abstract We analyzed variation in growth in the lizard Xenosaurus grandis in a seasonal tropical environment in Veracruz, México. We used the logistic-by-length model to represent the growth patternExpand
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Comparative demography of the high-altitude lizard, Sceloporus grammicus (Phrynosomatidae), on the Iztaccihuatl Volcano, Puebla, México
Population density, reproduction, and survivorship were compared between 2 populations of Sceloporus grammicus occurring at different altitudes (3700 m and 4400 m) on the eastern slopes ofExpand
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