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Review of the Performance of Residential PV systems in France
The main objective of this paper is to review the state of the art of residential PV systems in France. This is done analyzing the operational data of 6868 installations. Three main questions areExpand
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Review of the performance of residential PV systems in Belgium
The main objective of this paper is to review the state of the art of residential PV systems in Belgium by the analysis of the operational data of 993 installations. For that, three main questionsExpand
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Dealing in Practice with Hot-Spots
The hot-spot phenomenon is a relatively frequent problem in current photovoltaic generators. It entails both a risk for the photovoltaic module's lifetime and a decrease in its operationalExpand
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Types of Cenozoic Mollusca from Java in the Martin Collection of Naturalis
An updated type catalogue of the Martin Collection (fossil Mollusca, predominantly from the Cenozoic of Java, Indonesia) is presented. Type specimen data, updated locality data, and illustrations areExpand
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Filtering techniques for orbital debris conjunction analysis
The steadily growing amount of orbital debris increases the probability and amount of collisions between two objects in orbit about the Earth. These collisions in turn create even more debris, and itExpand
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Automatic fault detection on BIPV systems without solar irradiation data
BIPV systems are small PV generation units spread out over the territory, and whose characteristics are very diverse. This makes difficult a cost-effective procedure for monitoring, fault detection,Expand
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A bankable method of assessing the performance of a CPV plant
Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV) is an alternative to flat-plate module photovoltaic (PV) technology. The bankability of CPV projects is an important issue to pave the way toward a swift andExpand
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Advanced PV modules inspection using multirotor UAV
Large-scale PV fields are a complicated target for monitoring and performance evaluation. In this paper, field experience with multirotor UAV has been reported. A X-frame quadcopter equipped withExpand
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Cenozoic Molluscan types from Java (Indonesia) in the Martin Collection (Division of Cenozoic Mollusca), National Museum of Natural History, Leiden
An inventory of type material in the ‘Martin Collection’ at the Division of Cenozoic Mollusca of the National Museum of Natural History, Leiden, The Netherlands has been made. In total 1842 lotsExpand
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Equipment and Procedures for on-Site Testing of PV Plants and BIPV
Actual system performance of a PV system can differ from its expected behaviour.. This is the main reason why the performance of PV systems should be monitored, analyzed and, if needed, improved on.Expand
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