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ElectroMechanical Film (EMFi) — a new multipurpose electret material
Abstract The ElectroMechanical Film (EMFi) is a thin, cellular, biaxially oriented polypropylene film that can be used as an electret. Having a special voided internal structure and high resistivity,Expand
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EMFi-New electret material for sensors and actuators
  • J. Lekkala, M. Paajanen
  • Materials Science
  • 10th International Symposium on Electrets (ISE 10…
  • 22 September 1999
ElectroMechanical Film (EMFi) is a new electret material with a cellular structure. EMFi's advantage over other solid polymer electrets is based on its flexibility due to the voided internalExpand
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CytoSpectre: a tool for spectral analysis of oriented structures on cellular and subcellular levels
We developed CytoSpectre, a versatile, easy-to-use software tool based on spectral analysis, allowing the quantification of orientation and also size distributions of structures in microscopy images. Expand
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Large and broadband piezoelectricity in smart polymer-foam space-charge electrets
Charged closed-cell microporous polypropylene foams are shown to exhibit piezoelectric resonance modes in the dielectric function, coupled with a large anisotropy in the electromechanical and elasticExpand
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Electromechanical modeling and properties of the electret film EMFI
An electromechanical film can be manufactured with different thickness and elasticity. The thickness for sensor and actuator applications is typically between 30 and 70 /spl mu/m. The film is modeledExpand
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Wireless interrogation techniques for sensors utilizing inductively coupled resonance circuits
The methods needed to interrogate passive resonance sensors are studied. A portable impedance measurement unit and the methods to extract a coupling coefficient compensated resonance frequency areExpand
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Development of a piezoelectric polymer film sensor for plantar normal and shear stress measurements
Abstract We have developed a new sensor prototype for plantar pressure measurements during gait. The mechanical stress at the plantar surface has two components, pressure acting normal to the surfaceExpand
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Piezo- and pyroelectricity of a polymer-foam space-charge electret
Charged closed-cell polypropylene polymer foams are highly sensitive and broadband piezoelectric materials with a quasistatic piezoelectric d33 coefficient about 250 pC/N and a dynamic d33Expand
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Totally passive wireless biopotential measurement sensor by utilizing inductively coupled resonance circuits
Abstract A measurement method to measure biopotentials with a passive LC resonator is presented. The sensor consists of an LC resonance circuit where the capacitive component is a varactor and theExpand
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We have tested a method of printing electrodes on the unmetalled polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF) material to construct a matrix version of a sensor for normal and shear stress measurements on sole. AExpand
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