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Minority Education in China: Balancing Unity and Diversity in an Era of Critical Pluralism
This edited volume brings together essays by leading experts exploring different aspects of ethnic minority education in China: among these are the challenges associated with bilingual and trilingualExpand
Blogging Alone: China, the Internet, and the Democratic Illusion?
  • J. Leibold
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 31 October 2011
Drawing on recent survey data, digital ethnography and comparative analysis, this article presents a critical re-appraisal of the interactive blogosphere in China and its effects on Chinese socialExpand
Competing Narratives of Racial Unity in Republican China
Following Prasenjit Duara's strategy for “de-constructing China,” this article traces the development of several competing narratives of national unity and origin during the formative Republican eraExpand
Ethnic Policy in China: Is Reform Inevitable?
(ProQuest: ... denotes non-USASCII text omitted.)List of Acronyms3/14 March 14, 2008, Lhasa riots7/5 July 5, 2009, Uriimqi riotsCASS Chinese Academy of Social SciencesCCTV China CentralExpand
Interior Ethnic Minority Boarding Schools: China’s Bold and Unpredictable Educational Experiment
ABSTRACT By way of introduction, this lead essay provides an overview of China’s ethnic minority boarding school system, exploring its background, aims and history, while introducing the mechanicsExpand
  • J. Leibold
  • Sociology
  • The China Journal
  • 1 January 2010
In hosting the Olympic Games, the Chinese state hoped to project the harmonious and colorful diversity of China to the world. The article explores how different modes of ethnic inclusion wereExpand
More Than a Category: Han Supremacism on the Chinese Internet
  • J. Leibold
  • Political Science
  • The China Quarterly
  • 1 September 2010
Abstract Using the October 2008 slapping incident of historian Yan Chongnian 阎崇年 as a case study, this article attempts to contextualize and critically examine the articulation of Han supremacism onExpand