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Identification of metabolic pathways involved in the biotransformation of tolperisone by human microsomal enzymes.
It was concluded that tolperisone undergoes P 450-dependent and P450-independent microsomal biotransformations to the same extent and on the basis of metabolites formed and indirect evidences of inhibition studies, a considerable involvement of aMicrosomal reductase is assumed. Expand
New and validated high-performance liquid chromatographic method for determination of hydroxyflutamide in human plasma.
Immune-complex phagocytosis by human polymorphonuclear granulocytes.
The immune-complex phagocytosis of control human granulocytes showed a linear relationship with the cell count per reaction mixture and displayed a bell-shaped dose-response curve as function of the immune- complex. Expand
Pharmacokinetics of Deramciclane in Dogs
The pharmacokinetic properties of deramciclane fumarate (EGIS-3886; (1R,2S,4R)-(–)-N,N-dimethyl-2-[(1,7,7-trimethyl-2-phenylbicyclo-[2,2,1]-hept-2-yl)oxy]ethanamine-2-(E)-butendioate (1 : 1)), a newExpand
Measurement of lymphocyte activation by a chromatin topooptical reaction. II. Application for detecting drug allergy. A clinical and experimental study.
The exact drug concentration at which the lymphocyte autocytotoxicity occurred was inversely proportional with the extent of drug allergy in a given patient, and the average lymphocyte chromatin birefringence measured at different non-cytotoxic drug concentrations was directly proportional with this extent. Expand
A Sensitive, Validated Gas‐chromatographic Bioanalytical Method by Nitrogen Selective Detection of Deramciclane in Dog Plasma
A validated bioanalytical method has been developed for the determination of a new anxiolytic compound of deramciclane in dog plasma, using Lichrolut RP-18 solid-phase extraction and gasExpand
Measurement of lymphocyte activation by a chromatin topo-optical reaction
SummaryA rapid inexpensive method is presented for detecting peripheral blood lymphocyte chromatin activation by the neutral red “topo-optical” reaction, which causes strong and easily measurableExpand
A new method for obtaining viable cells from dermal infiltrates
It was concluded that 80 min of collagenase treatment with gentle mechanical extraction under specified conditions does not affect any measurable immunologic properties of the liberated cells resulting in the second best yield. Expand
A rapid centrifugation method for the isolation of polymorphonuclear leucocytes from human blood.
A rapid one-step gradient centrifugation method to prepare PMN leucocytes has been worked out by which a 98--99% pure, washed granulocyte suspension of 98% viability can be obtained in 30--40Expand