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A perfectly matched anisotropic absorber for use as an absorbing boundary condition
An alternative formulation of the "perfectly matched layer" mesh truncation scheme is introduced. The present scheme is based on using a layer of diagonally anisotropic material to absorb outgoingExpand
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Time-domain finite-element methods
Various time-domain finite-element methods for the simulation of transient electromagnetic wave phenomena are discussed. Detailed descriptions of test/trial spaces, explicit and implicitExpand
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Full-wave analysis of dielectric waveguides using tangential vector finite elements
A novel method is presented for the analysis of dielectric waveguides. This method provides four major new contributions: (1) a transformation of variables is introduced that allows propagationExpand
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Integral Equation Based Domain Decomposition Method for Solving Electromagnetic Wave Scattering From Non-Penetrable Objects
The integral equation (IE) method is commonly utilized to model time-harmonic electromagnetic (EM) problems. One of the greatest challenges in its applications arises in the solution of the resultingExpand
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A non-overlapping domain decomposition method with non-matching grids for modeling large finite antenna arrays
A non-overlapping domain decomposition method (DDM) is proposed herein to solve Maxwell equations in R^3. In this work, the Maxwell equations are discretized using a vector finite element method withExpand
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A Discontinuous Galerkin Surface Integral Equation Method for Electromagnetic Wave Scattering From Nonpenetrable Targets
We present a discontinuous Galerkin surface integral equation method, herein referred to as IEDG, for time harmonic electromagnetic wave scattering from nonpenetrable targets. The proposed IEDGExpand
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A fast IE-FFT algorithm for solving PEC scattering problems
This paper presents a novel fast integral equation method, termed IE-FFT, for solving large electromagnetic scattering problems. Similar to other fast integral equation methods, the IE-FFT algorithmExpand
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A Domain Decomposition Method With Nonconformal Meshes for Finite Periodic and Semi-Periodic Structures
We present a domain decomposition method as a preconditioner for Krylov-type solvers to model complex electromagnetic problems containing periodicities. The method reduces memory requirements byExpand
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Computations of Electromagnetic Wave Scattering From Penetrable Composite Targets Using a Surface Integral Equation Method With Multiple Traces
We present a surface integral equation domain decomposition method (SIE-DDM) for time harmonic electromagnetic wave scattering from bounded composite targets. The proposed SIE-DDM starts byExpand
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A Domain Decomposition Method for Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering Analysis of Multi-Target Problems
A domain decomposition method is presented for analyzing electromagnetic problems involving multiple separable scatterers. The method first decomposes the original problem into several disjointExpand
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