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Erosional response of South China to arc rifting and monsoonal strengthening; a record from the South China Sea
Abstract Ocean Drilling Program sampling of the distal passive margin of South China at Sites 1147 and 1148 has yielded clay-rich hemipelagic sediments dating to 32 Ma (Oligocene), just prior to theExpand
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Holocene and Eemian climatic optima in the Korean Peninsula based on textural and carbon isotopic records from the stalagmite of the Daeya Cave, South Korea
Abstract Textural and stable isotopic records from the absolute-dated stalagmite of the Daeya Cave (DY-1) provide new insights into the climatic evolution of the Korean Peninsula during the HoloceneExpand
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Late Pleistocene-Holocene records from Lake Ulaan, southern Mongolia: implications for east Asian palaeomonsoonal climate changes
A 5.88-m-long core taken from Lake Ulaan was studied for high-resolution paleoclimatic changes during the last 17 000 years. The core sediments are divided into three units based on grain-sizeExpand
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Comparison of radiocarbon and OSL dating methods for a Late Quaternary sediment core from Lake Ulaan, Mongolia
Both radiocarbon and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating methods were applied to test their suitability for establishing a chronology of arid-zone lacustrine sediments using a 5.88-m-longExpand
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Late glacial to Holocene climatic and oceanographic record of sediment facies from the South Scotia Sea off the northern Antarctic Peninsula
Two gravity cores were collected from the South Scotia Sea located off the northern Antarctic Peninsula during the 2002/2003 Korea Antarctic Research Program (KARP) expedition to determine the lateExpand
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Soil Physical Properties of Arable Land by Land Use Across the Country
Soil physical properties determine soil quality in aspect of root growth, infiltration, water and nutrient holding capacity. Although the monitoring of soil physical properties is important forExpand
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Holocene paleoceanography of Bigo Bay, west Antarctic Peninsula: Connections between surface water productivity and nutrient utilization and its implication for surface-deep water mass exchange
Abstract Paleoceanographic changes in response to Holocene climate variability in Bigo Bay, west Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) were reconstructed through geochemical, isotopic, sedimentological, andExpand
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Kübler Illite “Crystallinity” Index of the Cretaceous Gyeongsang Basin, Korea: Implications for Basin Evolution
Thermal maturity of the Lower Cretaceous Sindong and Hayang groups in the Gyeongsang Basin, Korea, was investigated using the Kübler illite “crystallinity” index (KI) which is based on the numericalExpand
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Paleozoic sedimentation and tectonics in Korea: A review
The geological history of the Korean Paleozoic is recorded in lower and upper Paleozoic strata, mostly distributed in two relatively large sedimentary basins, the Taebaeksan and Pyeongnam basins. TheExpand
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