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Interobserver Reliability of Tongue Diagnosis Using Traditional Korean Medicine for Stroke Patients
Observation of the tongue, also known as tongue diagnosis, is an important procedure in diagnosis by inspection in Traditional Korean medicine (TKM). We investigated the reliability of TKM tongueExpand
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Improved n-butanol tolerance in Escherichia coli by controlling membrane related functions.
As the increasing demand from both chemical and fuel markets, the interest in producing n-butanol using biological route has been rejuvenated to engineer an economical fermentation process, competingExpand
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Bee venom acupuncture for rheumatoid arthritis: a systematic review of randomised clinical trials
Objective To assess the clinical evidence for bee venom acupuncture (BVA) for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Design Systematic review of randomised controlled trials (RCTs). Setting We searched 14Expand
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Interobserver reliability of pulse diagnosis using Traditional Korean Medicine for stroke patients.
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the reliability between observers with regard to pulse signs that are observed by Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM) clinicians. METHODS A total 658Expand
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Herbal medicine (Shaofu Zhuyu decoction) for treating primary dysmenorrhea: A systematic review of randomized clinical trials.
Shaofu Zhuyu decoction (SFZY) or Sobokchugeo-tang, a traditional herbal formula, is used as a treatment for primary dysmenorrhea. We searched four English, seven Korean, three Chinese, and oneExpand
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Korean Studies on Blood Stasis: An Overview
Blood stasis is one of the important pathological concepts in Korean medicine. We analyzed the Korean studies concerning blood stasis. We searched for articles in eight electronic databases fromExpand
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Bee venom acupuncture for rheumatoid arthritis: a systematic review protocol
Introduction This systematic review aims to analyse the trial data on the effects of bee venom acupuncture (BVA) for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Methods and analysis The following 14 databases will beExpand
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Herbal medicine (Bojungikki-tang) for allergic rhinitis
Background: Bojungikki-tang, a herbal medicine for strengthening the digestive system, has been widely used in East Asian countries since the Yuan Dynasty in China. Moreover, Bojungikki-tang hasExpand
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Herbal medicine (Gan Mai Da Zao decoction) for depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
The objective of this review was to analyze the trial data on the efficacy and safety of Gan Mai Da Zao (GMDZ) decoction for depression. PubMed, the Cochrane Library, and EMBASE, AMED, Korea Med,Expand
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The Effect of Dangguijagyag-san on Mild Cognitive Impairment.
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the safety and the effect of dangguijagyag-san (DJS) on mild cognitive impairment (MCI). METHODS This study examined the administration of DJSExpand
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