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Cassette mutagenesis of lysine 130 of human glutamate dehydrogenase. An essential residue in catalysis.
The mutant enzymes containing Glu, Gly, Met, Ser, or Tyr at position 130, as well as the wild-type human GDH encoded by the synthetic gene, were efficiently expressed as a soluble protein and are indistinguishable from that isolated from human and bovine tissues.
Purification and characterization of flavoproteins and cytochromes from the yellow bioluminescence marine bacterium Vibrio fischeri strain Y1.
It is shown that an equilibrium replacement of the riboflavin can be made with excess lumazine derivative and that lumazine-bound YFP has different bioluminescence properties to those of the lumazine protein from Photobacterium leiognathi.