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Corn starch changes during tortilla and tortilla chip processing
Cereal Chem. 69(3):275-279 Structural and molecular changes of corn starch during tortilla chip and increased after steeping. The physical disruption of the kernel caused processing were evaluated byExpand
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Effect of the catalytic ink preparation method on the performance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
The effect of the preparation method of the catalytic inks on the electrode structure and, thus, on the performance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) was investigated. Since theExpand
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Remediation of petroleum-contaminated soils by fluidized thermal desorption
A novel type of fluidized bed desorber was developed for the remediation of petroleum-contaminated soils at low temperature with high efficiency. Cahn balance® was utilized to investigate the thermalExpand
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Conversion of natural gas to hydrogen and carbon black by plasma and application of plasma carbon black
In a microwave plasma-catalytic system, methane decomposition was carried out with 2.45 GHz microwave plasma and then the high conversion and yield of hydrogen and carbon black were obtainedExpand
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Physical characterization of electrochemically and chemically synthesized polypyrroles
The results of temperature-dependent dc conductivity, EPR magnetic susceptibility, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) experiments are compared for electrochemically and chemically synthesizedExpand
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A cycled trickle-bed reactor for SO2 oxidation
Abstract The effects of cycle period, cycle split, and liquid flow rate on SO 2 removal in a periodically operated trickle bed of activated carbon were investigated using a simulated flue gasExpand
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Kinetics of steam reforming over a Ni/alumina catalyst
AbstractSteam reforming of methane over a commercially available, nickel/alumina catalyst was experimentally studied. The reactor employed for the study was made of 7 mm i.d. quartz tube and catalystExpand
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Supercapacitive property of metal–organic-frameworks with different pore dimensions and morphology
Abstract Three dicarboxylic acids with different molecular lengths were used as organic linkers to manipulate pore size and surface area of the cobalt based metal–organic-frameworks (MOFs). The poreExpand
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Photocatalytic TiO2 deposition by chemical vapor deposition
Dip-coating, spray-coating or spin-coating methods for crystalline thin film deposition require post-annealing process at high temperature. Since chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process is capable ofExpand
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Facile interfacial charge transfer across hole doped cobalt-based MOFs/TiO2 nano-hybrids making MOFs light harvesting active layers in solar cells
Efficient separation of charges and their mobility are key challenges in metal–organic-framework (MOF) based devices. In the present study, thin films of cobalt-based metal organic frameworks (MOFs)Expand
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