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Protein adsorption on pluronic copolymer-coated polystyrene particles
The effect of surface modification of polystyrene latex particles on subsequent protein adsorption was investigated by photon correlation spectroscopy, sedimentation, and fluorescence anisotropyExpand
Variations in analytical methodology for estimating costs of hospital-acquired infections: a systematic review.
Quantifying the additional costs of hospital-acquired infections (COHAI) is essential for developing cost-effective infection control measures. The methodological approaches to estimate these costsExpand
RRAM-based synapse devices for neuromorphic systems.
Hardware artificial neural network (ANN) systems with high density synapse array devices can perform massive parallel computing for pattern recognition with low power consumption. Expand
A New Model for a Prediction of Beach Deformation around a River Mouth
In order to predict a beach deformation in a region where a sediment discharged from a river mouth or an on-offshore sediment movement plays an important role, it is generally inadequate to apply aExpand
[Korea's health care policy of the twentieth century].
This article analyzes the social transformation of Korea's health care policy in the twentieth century from a historical perspective. The whole period under the research is divided into four stages.Expand
The institutionalization of public hygiene in Korea, 1876-1910.
On the whole, the major impetus for the institutionalization of public hygiene in Korea came from two directions. On one hand, the self-enlightened intellectuals had introduced a variety of WesternExpand
[The development of German social medicine in the nineteenth century].
In his influential treatise System einer vollständigen medizinischen Polizey, Johann Peter Frank (1745-1821) made significant contributions to the establishment of the concept of medical police,Expand
Plasma Dens1ty Measurement of the HG-AR (1 TORR) by LIF Method
Summary form only given. In this paper, we introduced LIF measurement method and summarized the theoretical side, and when the wavelength of laser and electric power, lamp applied electric power areExpand
The Parameter Dependency of Induction Coil in Cylindrical ICP Lamp
Summary form only given. In this paper, we designed a cylindrical type light source that had an electromagnetic principle of inductively coupled plasma, and measured its electrical-opticalExpand
[Understanding American health care reform, 1910-1932: toward an interpretive history of health policy].
The purpose of this article is to analyze the two early health care reform groups: the American Association for Labor Legislation (AALL), the first organization to try to initiate compulsory healthExpand