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Comparison of the Effectiveness of Interlaminar and Bilateral Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injections in Treatment of Patients With Lumbosacral Disc Herniation and Spinal Stenosis
ObjectivesThe purpose of this study is to compare the effectiveness of interlaminar (IL) and bilateral transforaminal (TF) epidural steroid injections (ESIs) for pain reduction in patients with axialExpand
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Clinical Characteristics of Colonic Diverticulosis in Korea: A Prospective Study
Background/Aims The prevalence of colonic diverticulosis has been reported to be lower in Korea than in Western countries. This disease also shows markedly different characteristics in the KoreanExpand
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A Prospective Randomized Study Comparing Arthroscopic Single-Bundle and Double-Bundle Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructions Preserving Remnant Fibers
Background: Several controversies exist regarding the superiority of double-bundle (DB) posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstruction versus single-bundle (SB) reconstruction, although DBExpand
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Therapeutic effects of strengthening exercise on gait function of cerebral palsy
Purpose. To assess the effectiveness of strengthening exercises of the lower limbs on improvement of muscle strength and gait function. Method. Those included were diagnosed as spastic diplegic orExpand
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The Relationship between Cross Sectional Area and Strength of Back Muscles in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain
Objective To evaluate the relationship between the cross sectional area (CSA) and isokinetic strength of the back muscles in patients with chronic low back pain. Method Data of twenty-eightExpand
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A Nucleolin-Targeted Multimodal Nanoparticle Imaging Probe for Tracking Cancer Cells Using an Aptamer
The recent advances in molecular imaging techniques, using cancer-targeting nanoparticle probes, provide noninvasive tracking information on cancer cells in living subjects. Here, we report aExpand
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Clinical presentation and prognosis of childhood Guillain–Barré syndrome
Aim:  Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS) is an acute inflammatory polyneuropathy commonly characterised by rapidly progressive, symmetric weakness and areflexia. This study is to assess the clinicalExpand
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Comparison of effectiveness according to different approaches of epidural steroid injection in lumbosacral herniated disk and spinal stenosis.
PURPOSE This study was to compare the effectiveness of the translaminar, caudal, and transforaminal technique with small and large volume of injectate in the treatment of lumbosacral herniation ofExpand
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Factors predicting hamstring tendon autograft diameters and resulting failure rates after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
PurposeThe purposes of this study are to confirm factors that affect the diameter of hamstring tendon autograft and to compare failure rates between the factors after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)Expand
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Comparison of Clinical Results of Anatomic Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction for Posterolateral Rotatory Instability of the Knee With or Without Popliteal Tendon Reconstruction
Background: It is unknown whether popliteal tendon reconstruction is necessary in anatomic posterolateral corner reconstruction, although the tendon has function in the varus and rotatory stabilityExpand
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