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Does Size Matter in Firm Performance ? Evidence from US Public Firms
This paper reexamines the determinants of firm performance and, in particular, the role that firm size plays in profitability. A fixed-effects dynamic panel data model for over 7,000 US publicly-heldExpand
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Tick-Borne Rickettsial Pathogens in Ticks and Small Mammals in Korea
ABSTRACT In order to investigate the prevalence of tick-borne infectious agents among ticks, ticks comprising five species from two genera (Hemaphysalis spp. and Ixodes spp.) were screened usingExpand
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Morphologic Edge Detection
Abstract Edge operators based on grayscale morphologic operations are introduced. These operators can be efficiently implemented in near real time machine vision systems which have special hardwareExpand
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The digital morphological sampling theorem
There are potential industrial applications for any methodology which inherently reduces processing time and cost and yet produces results sufficiently close to the result of full processing. It isExpand
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Composite Dispatching Rules for Multiple-Vehicle AGV Systems
  • J. Lee
  • Computer Science
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  • 1 February 1996
The objective of this research is to evaluate the performance of three composite AGV dispatching rules which can be easily implemented in manufacturing or assembly systems. Attempts were also made toExpand
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"This paper empirically investigates the plausibility, which has been argued but not fully established, that the efficacy of the inflation-targeting strategy recently implemented by New Zealand,Expand
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Managing lean manufacturing in material handling operations
The problem addressed by this research is to implement lean manufacturing in a material handling system of a petroleum drill bit manufacturing company. Lean manufacturing has been mandated by higherExpand
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Prediction of cellular structure in free expansion polymer foam processing
A model is presented for free expansion polymer foam processing that includes simultaneous nucleation and bubble growth. The nucleation model includes dissolved gas, small critical cluster size,Expand
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Inspection sequencing and part scheduling for flexible manufacturing systems
Abstract An approach to the study of integrated effects of inspection sequencing rules and part scheduling policies in flexible manufacturing settings is presented. Simulation experiments wereExpand
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