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Homuncular Flexibility in Virtual Reality
Immersive virtual reality allows people to inhabit avatar bodies that differ from their own, and this can produce significant psychological and physiological effects. Expand
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Risk factors for breast cancer by age and menopausal status: a case-control study in Singapore
A case-control study was conducted among Singapore Chinese women, comprised of 200 histologically confirmed cases of breast cancer and 420 hospital controls. Subjects were interviewed on familyExpand
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Proof-of-concept randomized controlled trial of pregnenolone in schizophrenia
RationalePreclinical and clinical data suggest that pregnenolone may be a promising therapeutic in schizophrenia. Pregnenolone is neuroprotective and enhances learning and memory, myelination, andExpand
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Symmetry Breaking Constraints for Value Symmetries in Constraint Satisfaction
  • Y. Law, J. Lee
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Constraints
  • 1 July 2006
We introduce value precedence, a notion which can be used to break a common class of value symmetries, namely values of indistinguishable values. Expand
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The Role of Accounting Conservatism in Firms’ Financial Decisions
  • J. Lee
  • Business
  • 23 November 2010
This paper investigates whether financial reporting conservatism is related to firms’ financial flexibility and their access to capital. If conservatism facilitates monitoring and governance byExpand
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Relation between Auditor Quality and Tax Aggressiveness: Implications of Cross-Country Institutional Differences
SUMMARY: Using an international sample of firms from 31 countries, we study the relation between auditor quality and corporate tax aggressiveness. Employing an indicator variable for tax aggressive...
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Corporate Tax Aggressiveness and Insider Trading
Recent studies argue that aggressive forms of tax avoidance can be used to facilitate managerial rent extraction from shareholders (e.g., Desai 2004; Desai and Dharmapala 2006; Desai et al. 2007).Expand
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How mental health care should change as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic
Summary The unpredictability and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic; the associated lockdowns, physical distancing, and other containment strategies; and the resulting economic breakdown couldExpand
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Non-verbal speech analysis of interviews with schizophrenic patients
We use non-verbal speech cues extracted while schizophrenic patients are interviewed by psychologists to evaluate the effectiveness of Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT). Expand
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Disease Burden Attributable to the First Wave of COVID-19 in China, and the Effect of Timing on the Cost-Effectiveness of Movement Restriction Policies
Background: Movement restriction policies (MRPs) are effective in preventing/delaying COVID-19 transition but are associated with high societal cost This study
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