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The authors studied the faunistic drift in Apoidea of Belgium by comparing the relative number of species before and 1950 onwards and found a strong relative regression of cleptoparasites, which strongly affects long tongue species and seriously threatens the maintain of an appropriate pollination level of wild and cultivated plants.
Artificial Selection for Weight and its Consequences in Tenebrio molitor L.
To an extent that it is now possible to formulate a true physiological diagnosis involving quite a number of unexpected characters, a population of Tenebrio molitor was reared continuously in standard optimal or sub-optimal conditions of food, temperature and humidity, avoiding as much as possible interferences of cannibalism and overpopulation.
[Protein nutrition in Tenebrio molitor L. V. The protein optimum in strain F larvae].
Pour les larves de Tenebrio molilor de race G, a certains stades avances de the croissance, the notion classique de low protein diet se ramene a celle de regime totalement prive de pro tides, tandis que L'optimum protidique s'etale largement au moins entre 6.5 et 20 % de proteine adaquate dans le regime.
Water Exchange between Insects and Air Moisture
IT is well known that the weight of some fasting insects increases when they are exposed to an atmosphere saturated with water vapour. This phenomenon is generally considered to be due to the
[Presence of conjugated noradrenaline in the walls of the nest of Vespula germanica Linné].
Conjugated noradrenaline (NA) has been identified as a constituant of the walls of a Vespid wasp: Vespula germanica Linne. Concentrations range between 1,8 mug/g (external wall) and 18 mug/g
Microcomputer-assisted identification of bacteria and multicriteria decision models
It appears that the simultaneous use of conditional probability and ELECTRE models can improve the quality of identification and are ipso facto a valuable aid to microbiologists.
[Carnitine, zinc and potassium in the nutrition of larvae of Tenebrio molitor L].
  • J. Leclercq
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Archives internationales de physiologie et de…
  • 1 May 1960
[Anatomo-clinical and neurochemical aspects of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease].
The enzymatic disturbances in metachromatic leucodystrophy and in Krabbe's disease were determined and the definition of new diagnostic methods, safe and no traumatic, were defined.