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Nanomaterials in the environment: behavior, fate, bioavailability, and effects.
The recent advances in nanotechnology and the corresponding increase in the use of nanomaterials in products in every sector of society have resulted in uncertainties regarding environmental impacts.Expand
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Silver nanoparticles: behaviour and effects in the aquatic environment.
This review summarises and evaluates the present knowledge on the behaviour, the biological effects and the routes of uptake of silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) to organisms, with considerations on theExpand
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The ecotoxicology and chemistry of manufactured nanoparticles
The emerging literature on the ecotoxicity of nanoparticles and nanomaterials is summarised, then the fundamental physico-chemistry that governs particle behaviour is explained in an ecotoxicologicalExpand
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Manufactured nanoparticles: an overview of their chemistry, interactions and potential environmental implications.
  • Y. Ju-Nam, J. Lead
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  • The Science of the total environment
  • 1 August 2008
The industrial scale production and wide variety of applications of manufactured nanoparticles (NPs) and their possible release in considerable amounts into the natural aquatic environment haveExpand
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Silver nanoparticle impact on bacterial growth: effect of pH, concentration, and organic matter.
Silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) are widely used as antibacterial agents. This antibacterial property carries with it a potential environmental risk once these NPs are discharged into the environment.Expand
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Transformations of nanomaterials in the environment.
Increasing use of engineered nanomaterials with novel properties relative to their bulk counterparts has generated a need to define their behaviors and impacts in the environment. The high surfaceExpand
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Effects of aqueous exposure to silver nanoparticles of different sizes in rainbow trout.
Despite increasing application of silver nanoparticles (NPs) in industry and consumer products, there is still little known about their potential toxicity, particularly to organisms in aquaticExpand
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Characterizing manufactured nanoparticles in the environment: multimethod determination of particle sizes.
Sizes of stabilized (24 h) nanoparticle suspensions were determined using several state-of-the-art analytical techniques (transmission electron microscopy; atomic force microscopy; dynamic lightExpand
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Aquatic Colloids and Nanoparticles: Current Knowledge and Future Trends
Environmental Context. The fate and behaviour of trace pollutants are very strongly modified, and usually dominated, by their physical and chemical interactions with naturally occurring aquaticExpand
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Physico-chemical behaviour and algal toxicity of nanoparticulate CeO2 in freshwater
In assessing the risks posed by nanomaterials in the environment, the overriding research challenges are to determine if nanomaterials are more toxic than the bulk forms of the same material, and theExpand
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