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Scaling of Energy Absorbing Composite Plates
The energy absorption response and crushing characteristics of geometrically scaled graphite-Kevlar epoxy composite plates were investigated. Two different trigger mechanisms including notch, andExpand
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Analytical and Experimental Study of Free Vibration Response of Soft-core Sandwich Beams
The natural frequencies and corresponding vibration modes of a cantilever sandwich beam with a soft polymer foam core are predicted using the higher-order theory for sandwich panels (HSAPT), aExpand
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Dynamic crush tests of energy-absorbing laminated composite plates
Abstract For the first time, dynamic crush data of edgewise-loaded composite plates are presented. A crush test fixture for flat composite specimens, initially developed to measure quasi-static crushExpand
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Stitch Cracks in Constraint Plies Adjacent to a Cracked Ply
A high density form of matrixmicrocracking in constraint plies adjacent to a cracked ply, and here called stitch cracking, was found to form readily in awide variety of [+. n/–. n/902n] s laminates.Expand
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Design and application of a quasistatic crush test fixture for investigating scale effects in energy absorbing composite plates
A crush test fixture for measuring energy absorption of flat plate specimens from an earlier study was redesigned to eliminate the problem of binding of the load transfer platen with the guide posts.Expand
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Prediction of Micro-crack Densities in Cryogenic IM7/977-2 Propellant Tanks
The micromechanics model, equivalent constraint model, was combined with the finite element analyzer GENOA to predict micro-crack density evolution and corresponding material degradation in polymerExpand
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An Evaluation of the Energy Absorption of Laminated Composite Plates
The energy absorption characteristics of continuous fibre reinforced laminated plates made from three material systems: APC-2 (graphite/PEEK), AS4/3502 (graphite/epoxy), and a hybridExpand
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Development of composite materials for spacecraft precision-reflector panels
One of the critical technology needs for large precision reflectors required for future astrophysics and optical communications is in the area of structural materials. Therefore, a major area of theExpand
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Apparent strength scaling in continuous fiber composite laminates
The tensile strength of the 0° plies within different cross-ply and quasi-isotropic laminates of varying size and stacking sequence has been investigated. For those lay-ups having failure confined toExpand
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Part II Strength Scaling of Composite Laminates Amidst Invariant 0 ° Ply Strength
The effective tensile strength of the 0° plies within different cross-ply, and quasi-isotropic laminates of varying size and stacking sequence is investigated. For those layups having failureExpand