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Radioprotective Activity and Synthesis of Siladithioacetals and Germadithioacetals Derived from N-substituted Naphthylethylimidazoline
The synthesis and the evaluation of the pharmacological activity of new organosilicon and organogermanium compounds such as sila- and germadithioacetals derived from N-substituted naphthylimidazolne are reported. Expand
Synthesis and Radioprotective Activity of New Organosilicon and Germanium Compounds
Silathiazolidine and metalladithioacetals (M = Si, Ge) have been prepared by the interaction of dialkyldichloro- or bis(diethylamino)dialkylsilanes and -germanes with 3-[N-(2-Expand
Synthesis and radiopharmacological study of new metallated thiazolidines and dithioacetals of N‐allyl‐substituted cysteamine and methylcysteamine
New germa- and silathiazolidines or germa- and siladithioacetals with N-allyl-substituted cysteamine and methylcysteamine ligands have been synthesized and their pharmacological properties (toxicity,Expand
1 Laboratoire d'H6t£rochimie Fondamentale et Appliquöe, UPRES-A 5069 du CNRS Universitö Paul Sabatier, 118 route de Narbonne, F-31062 Toulouse Cedex , France 2 Direction des Recherches et EtudesExpand
New organogermylated compounds N-substituted by naphthylmethylimidazoline hydrochloride, and imidazoline: synthesis and radioprotective activity
Abstract This work concerns the synthesis and pharmacological study (toxicity, radioprotective activity) of the N -substituted organogermylated compounds by naphthylmethylimidazoline hydrochlorideExpand
[Radioprotective agents derived from 1,3-perhydrothiazine].
New germaheterocycles, germadithioacetals and a germylated oxide and sulfide derived from cysteamine, methylcysteamine and N-substituted cysteamine : synthesis and radioprotective activity
Further to our work concerning organometallic compounds active in chemical radioprotection, we report the synthesis and pharmacological study (radioprotective activity, toxicity) of newExpand
Synthesis and application of new organometallic compounds of silicon and germanium in chemical radioprotection
Several organosilicon and organogermanium compounds possessing radioprotective activity have been synthesized. In this paper, we describe the preparation and study of the pharmacological propertiesExpand
A Review on the Radioprotective Activity of organogermanium and Organosilicon Compounds
The present review describes the work carried out during the last 20 years in the field of the radioprotective activity and toxicity of several classes of organosilicon and organogermanium compoundsExpand