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Effect of a large dam on malaria risk: the Koka reservoir in Ethiopia
Objective  To determine whether the Koka water reservoir in the Rift Valley of Ethiopia contributes to the malaria burden in its vicinity.
Putting the cart before the horse: Water governance and IWRM
Water governance has emerged as perhaps the most important topic of the international water community in the 21st century, and achieving “good” water governance is now a focus of both policyExpand
Water security: Old concepts, new package, what value?
“Water security” has come to infiltrate prominent discourse in the international water and development community, and achieving it is often viewed as a new water sector target. Despite the elevatedExpand
Malaria impact of large dams in sub-Saharan Africa: maps, estimates and predictions
BackgroundWhile there is growing recognition of the malaria impacts of large dams in sub-Saharan Africa, the cumulative malaria impact of reservoirs associated with current and future damExpand
Malaria transmission in the vicinity of impounded water: evidence from the Koka Reservoir, Ethiopia
The publications in this series cover a wide range of subjects—from computer modeling to experience with water user associations—and vary in content from directly applicable research to more basicExpand
Water resources data and information exchange in transboundary water treaties
Despite international calls for data and information sharing in transboundary waters and basin-specific evidence of its importance to cooperative management, no systematic research has beenExpand
Demanding Supply Management and Supplying Demand Management
The emphasis of the world's transboundary water law has gradually shifted in the past half century from water resources development to water resources management and environmental protection. ThisExpand
Driving forces behind African transboundary water law: internal, external, and implications
In van Koppen, Barbara; Butterworth, J.; Juma, I. (Eds.), African water laws: plural legislative frameworks for rural water management in Africa: an international workshop, Johannesburg, SouthExpand
Irrigation in Southern Africa: Success or Failure?
Despite widespread recognition of the importance of irrigation development in southern Africa, no comprehensive examination exists on the performance of past irrigation schemes in the region. ThisExpand