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Lepraria in the British Isles
The Species of Leproloma —the name for The Lepraria Membranacea Group
The Lepraria membranacea group is shown to constitute the genus Leproloma Nyl, characterized by the presence of dibenzofurans, and the morphology and chemistry suggests that the genus may tentatively be included in the ascomycete family Pannariaceae. Expand
Six lichens of the Lecanora varia group
The Species of Chrysothrix
There are three chemotypes of Chrysothrix candelaris, one of which is probably of hybrid origin, and all bright yellow, leprose, sterile lichens with pulvinic acid derivatives, formerly included in Lepraria and Crocynia, are referred to the genus. Expand
Leproplaca in the British Isles
The Status of Lecanora zosterae in the British Isles
Abstract Lecanora zosterae (Ach.) Nyl. is a distinct species belonging to the Lecanora dispersa group. In the British Isles it is confined to the coast where it grows mostly on the exposed turf aboveExpand
Some synonyms in Chrysothrix and Lepraria
Five old unused names are added to the synonymy of Chrysothrix candelaris (L.) J. R. Laundon, a new combination of Lepraria nigrocincta Diederich et al. Expand
The publication and typification of Sir James Edward Smith's lichens in English Botany
Only 11 of the 57 new lichens in Smith's English Botany have been placed in synonymy, which indicates that Smith was an excellent lichen taxonomist. Expand