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Chicks blinded with formoguanamine do not develop lid suture myopia.
The involvement of the retina in avian lid suture myopia was investigated by use of formoguanamine (FG), which induces blindness in chicks, characterized by damage to the retinal pigment epitheliumExpand
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Photoacceleration of avian embryogenesis.
  • J. Lauber
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Comparative biochemistry and physiology. A…
  • 1 August 1975
1. 1. Chick embryos exposed to light via optic fiber during incubation developed faster than those in darkness. 2. 2. At 412 days, embryos under white light weighed 17 per cent more, and oxygenExpand
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Lid suture myopia in chicks.
  • J. Lauber, T. Oishi
  • Medicine
  • Investigative ophthalmology & visual science
  • 1 November 1987
Domestic chicks reared under continuous light developed light-induced avian glaucoma (LIAG), including eye enlargement and flat cornea. Chicks reared under dim light developed dim light buphthalmosExpand
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Intraocular pressure and aqueous outflow facility in light-induced avian buphthalmos.
Chicks reared under continuous light from hatching develop buphthalmos by 16 weeks of age. This eye enlargement was found to be associated with increased intraocular pressure and impaired aqueousExpand
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Photoreception in the photosexual response of quail. II. Effects of intensity and wavelength.
  • T. Oishi, J. Lauber
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The American journal of physiology
  • 1 October 1973
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Eye enlargement in birds induced by dim light.
We here report changes in eye weight and other measurements, in chickens reared in dim light. These effects are distinguished from those seen in light-induced avian glaucoma (brought on by exposureExpand
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Adjustment of sleep and the circadian temperature rhythm after flights across nine time zones.
The adjustment of sleep-wake patterns and the circadian temperature rhythm was monitored in nine Royal Norwegian Air-force volunteers operating P-3 aircraft during a westward training deploymentExpand
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Crew factors in flight operations. Part 3: The operational significance of exposure to short-haul air transport operations
Excessive flightcrew fatigue has potentially serious safety consequences. Laboratory studies have implicated fatigue as a causal factor associated with varying levels of performance deteriorationExpand
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Hydroxyindole-O-methyltransferase in several avian species.
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Dimensional and Physiological Lesions in the Chick Eye as Influenced by the Light Environment 1
Domestic chickens reared under continuous light (24L/0D) develop a series of eye lesions culminating in elevated intraocular pressure and blindness (1-3). This light-induced avian glaucoma isExpand
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