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Improved phase vocoder time-scale modification of audio
This paper examines the problem of phasiness in the context of time-scale modification and provides new insights into its causes, and two extensions to the standard phase vocoder algorithm are introduced, and the resulting sound quality is shown to be significantly improved.
Efficient Tempo and Beat Tracking in Audio Recordings
An off-line beat-tracking technique for estimating a time-varying tempo in an audio track is presented and the algorithm uses an MMSE estimation of local tempo and beat location candidates, followed by a dynamic programming stage to determine the optimum choice of candidate in each analysis frame.
Regularized estimation of cepstrum envelope from discrete frequency points
This paper presents an improved method for the estimation of a continuous frequency-envelope when the value of this envelope is specified only at discrete frequencies. It is based on the Galas/Rodet
HNS: Speech modification based on a harmonic+noise model
HNS (harmonic plus noise synthesis), an analysis/modification/synthesis model based on a harmonic plus noise representation of the speech signal, is presented and informal listening-tests demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach for time-scale modifications.
The use of the matrix pencil method for the spectrum analysis of musical signals
In the context of spectrum analysis, high‐resolution estimation methods present interesting alternatives to classical Fourier transform. These methods are based on the assumption that the analyzed
Multichannel excitation/filter modeling of percussive sounds with application to the piano
A "multichannel excitation/filter model" is proposed in which a single excitation is used to generate several sounds, for example, five piano tones belonging to the same octave, and a low-cost synthesis method that can be used to generated very natural sounding percussive tones.
Estimating tempo, swing and beat locations in audio recordings
  • J. Laroche
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on the…
  • 21 October 2001
Techniques for estimating the tempo and the swing, and locating the beats in audio recordings, under the assumption that the tempo is constant are presented.
New phase-vocoder techniques for pitch-shifting, harmonizing and other exotic effects
  • J. Laroche, M. Dolson
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Applications…
  • 17 October 1999
Two new phase-vocoder-based techniques which allow direct manipulation of the signal in the frequency-domain, enabling such applications as pitch-shifting, chorusing, harmonizing, partial stretching and other exotic modifications which cannot be achieved by the standard time-scale sampling-rate conversion scheme.