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Micro-Level Estimation of Poverty and Inequality
Recent theoretical advances have brought income and wealth distributions back into a prominent position in growth and development theories, and as determinants of specific socio-economic outcomes,Expand
Patent Quality and Research Productivity: Measuring Innovation with Multiple Indicators
We analyse the determinants of the decline in research productivity using panel data on manufacturing firms in the US for the period 1980-93. We focus on three factors: the level of demand, theExpand
Characteristics of patent litigation: a window on competition
We examine the patenting behavior of firms in an industry characterized by rapid technological change and cumulative innovation. Recent survey evidence suggests that semiconductor firms do not relyExpand
Innovation and the international diffusion of environmentally responsive technology
Abstract New evidence is presented on environmental innovation and diffusion over the 1970s and 1980s. At a global level, a substantial amount of innovations occurred. In the United States, Japan,Expand
The rural non-farm sector: issues and evidence from developing countries
The rural non-farm sector has traditionally been viewed as a low-productivity sector which produces low quality goods. It is often expected to wither away as a country develops. Recent years haveExpand
Protecting Intellectual Property Rights: Are Small Firms Handicapped?*
This paper studies the determinants of patent suits and settlements during 1978–99 by linking information from the U.S. patent office, the federal courts, and industry sources. We find thatExpand
How to Count Patents and Value Intellectual Property: Uses of Patent Renewal and Application Data
Estimates of how the value of patent protection would vary under alternative legal rules and renewal fees, and with estimates of the international flows of returns from the patent system are illustrated. Expand
Patent Protection in the Shadow of Infringement: Simulation Estimations of Patent Value
Empirical estimates of the private value of patent protection are derived for four technology areas—computers, textiles, combustion engines, and pharmaceuticals—using new patent data for WestExpand
The Introduction of Pharmaceutical Product Patents in India: "Heartless Exploitation of the Poor and Suffering"?
The decision to require that countries grant product patents for pharmaceutical innovations as a condition of membership in the World Trade Organization was very contentious. Almost fifty developingExpand
Micro-Level Estimation of Welfare
The authors construct and derive the properties of estimators of welfare that take advantage of the detailed information about living standards available in small household surveys and theExpand