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Maxims or myths of beauty? A meta-analytic and theoretical review.
Common maxims about beauty suggest that attractiveness is not important in life. In contrast, both fitness-related evolutionary theory and socialization theory suggest that attractiveness influencesExpand
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Attractive Faces Are Only Average
Scientists and philosophers have searched for centuries for a parsimonious answer to the question of what constitutes beauty. We approached this problem from both an evolutionary andExpand
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Sexual Selection, Physical Attractiveness, and Facial Neoteny: Cross-cultural Evidence and Implications [and Comments and Reply]
L'attirance physique et sa relation a la theorie de la selection sexuelle meritent une attention renouvelee de la part des anthropologues culturels et biologiques. L'A. s'interesse a une anomalieExpand
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Infant preferences for attractive faces: Rudiments of a stereotype?
Deux experiences etudient aupres d'enfants âges de 2 a 3 mois et de 6 a 8 mois les preferences envers des visages de femmes dont le caractere attractif a ete evalue par des adultes
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Mothers, fathers, and peers as socialization agents of sex-typed play behaviors in young children.
LANGLOIS, JUDITH H., and DowNs, A. CHRIS. Mothers, Fathers, and Peers as Socialization Agents of Sex-typed Play Behaviors in Young Children. CrHiL DEVELOPMENT, 1980, 51, 1237-1247. DifferentialExpand
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What Is Average and What Is Not Average About Attractive Faces?
We reported in this journal (Langlois & Roggman, 1990) findings showing that attractive faces are those that represent the mathematical average of faces in a population These findings were intriguingExpand
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Infant preferences for attractive faces: a cognitive explanation.
Research on infant face perception has shown that infants' preferences for attractive faces exist well before socialization from parents, peers, and the media can affect these preferences. FourExpand
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Does Human Facial Attractiveness Honestly Advertise Health? Longitudinal Data on an Evolutionary Question
Inspired by the evolutionary conjecture that sexually selected traits function as indicators of pathogen resistance in animals and humans, we examined the notion that human facial attractivenessExpand
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Infant Attractiveness Predicts Maternal Behaviors and Attitudes
The relations between infant attractiveness and maternal behavior were examined by observing mothers feeding and playing with their firstborn infants while they were still in the hospital afterExpand
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Effects of the "beauty is good" stereotype on children's information processing.
The authors tested schematic information processing as a function of attractiveness stereotyping in two studies. An adult experimenter read children (ages 3 to 7 years) eight different stories inExpand
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