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Planck pre-launch status: The HFI instrument, from specification to actual performance
Context. The High Frequency Instrument (HFI) is one of the two focal instruments of the Planck mission. It will observe the whole sky in six bands in the 100 GHz-1 THz range. Aims: The HFI instrumentExpand
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A new readout system for bolometers with improved low frequency stability
A new readout electronic system for bolome- ters is presented in this paper. The bolometer resistance is measured in a bridge with a capacitive load, using a pe- riodic square wave bias current. TheExpand
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FITTING THE FORUM TO THE FAMILY FUSS: Choosing Mediation, Collaborative Law, or Cooperative Law for Negotiating Divorce Cases
This article analyzes advantages and disadvantages of mediation, collaborative law, and cooperative law based on the parties' capabilities, attitudes about professional services, and assessments ofExpand
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The Potential Contribution of ADR to an Integrated Curriculum: Preparing Law Students for Real World Lawyering
This Article briefly reviews the long history of critiques of legal education that highlight the failure to adequately prepare students for what they will and should do as attorneys. It takes a soberExpand
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Mediation Paradigms and Professional Identities
This article, written early in the modern ADR era, provided a framework for developing the mediation field. It begins by elaborating William Simon’s critique of the “ideology of advocacy.” SimonExpand
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How Will Lawyering and Mediation Practices Transform Each Other
The use of mediation in legal disputes has increased dramatically in recent decades. This article describes this new dispute resolution environment as a "liti-mediation" culture, where it becomesExpand
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Toward More Sophisticated Mediation Theory
This is a brief commentary on Professor Jeffrey Stempel’s article, The Inevitability of the Eclectic: Liberating ADR from Ideology, which was the focus of a symposium in the University of Missouri’sExpand
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How Businesses Use Planned Early Dispute Resolution
This is the first part of a two-part article summarizing the results of a study about why and how some businesses use “planned early dispute resolution” systems.
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Taming the Jungle of Negotiation Theories
To identify the range of issues covered in negotiation theory, this chapter surveys negotiation texts from various disciplines including law, business, economics, labor, international relations, andExpand