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Dry bearings: a survey of materials and factors affecting their performance
Abstract Following a general discussion of performance criteria and testing of dry bearings, the various materials currently available commercially are classified into four general groups - polymers,Expand
Abrasive wear of polymers
Abstract The main features of the abrasion of polymers are outlined in an attempt to formulate a general picture of the wear processes involved. The relative roles of plastic and elastic deformationExpand
A review of the influence of environmental humidity and water on friction, lubrication and wear
Abstract A review is given of the various ways in which humidity and liquid water can influence the friction and wear of metals, polymers, carbons and graphite, lamellar solid lubricants andExpand
Relationships between the Wear of Polymers and their Mechanical Properties
The influence of some mechanical properties of polymers—hardness, elastic modulus, breaking strength and elongation to break—on their wear rates against a metal counterface has been determined atExpand
The formation of surface films at the transition between mild and severe metallic wear
  • J. Lancaster
  • Materials Science
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 11 June 1963
The conditions of sliding have been found in which a transition occurs between the régimes of mild and severe wear for a leaded brass (60/40 brass containing 2% lead) sliding on hardened steelExpand
Polymer-based bearing materials: The role of fillers and fibre reinforcement
Abstract Following a brief survey of the different types of polymer-based bearing materials currently available, various effects of filters and reinforcing fibres on friction, wear and mechanicalExpand
Abstract Wear can be classified in a variety of ways but none has yet proved to be completely satisfactory. It is now becoming evident that a clear distinction must be made between the differentExpand
The influence of substrate hardness on the formation and endurance of molybdenum disulphide films
Abstract The hardness of the substrate metal affects the performance of MoS 2 as a solid lubricant in two ways. Soft-metal substrates facilitate adhesion and harder substrates facilitate cohesion. AnExpand
Transitions in the Friction and Wear of Carbons and Graphites Sliding Against Themselves
The friction and wear properties of various carbons and graphites have been measured during sliding against themselves in air. Many materials exhibit sudden and large increases in both friction andExpand
Lubrication of carbon fibre-reinforced polymers part I—Water and aqueous solutions
Abstract An examination has been made of the friction and wear properties of carbon fibre-reinforced polymers sliding against metals in water, sea water and other aqueous solutions. The conditions ofExpand