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Control of soilborne plant pathogens by incorporating fresh organic amendments followed by tarping.
ABSTRACT A new method for the control of soilborne plant pathogens was tested for its efficacy in two field experiments during two years. Plots were amended with fresh broccoli or grass (3.4 to 4.0Expand
Biological, Chemical and Integrated Control of Rhizoctonia Solani in Potato
ABSTRACT Jager, G., Velvis, H., Lamers, J.G., Mulder, A. and Roosjen, Js., 1990. Biological, chemical and integrated control of Rhizoctonia solani in potato. The effects of biological, chemical andExpand
The role of siderophores in potato tuber yield increase by Pseudomonas putida in a short rotation of potato
The effect of treatment of potato seed tubers withPseudomonas putida isolate WCS358 on tuber yield was studied in different crop rotations at the Experimental Farm ‘De Schreef’, near Lelystad. WithExpand
The potential of biological soil disinfestation to manage Fusarium foot and root rot in Asparagus
In a field experiment on an abandoned asparagus field we studied the effect of Biological Soil Disinfestation (BSD) on survival of buried inoculum samples of three test pathogens (Fusarium redolensExpand
Direct examination of soil for sporangia of Synchytrium endobioticum using chloroform, calcium chloride and zinc sulphate as extraction reagents
Fields infested with Synchytrium endobioticum can be descheduled when the soil is found free from sporangia of S. endobioticum. For direct examination, EPPO Standard PM 3/59 describes a soilExpand
Recent achievement of sustainable soil management in Sub-Saharan Africa
To many, the African continent is on the cusp of a rise in poverty and food insecurity. The often quoted widespread, inherently low fertility of soils in Africa is topped by a more widespreadExpand
Relative Performance of Potato Cultivars in Short Rotations
In the crop rotation experiments at ‘De Schreef’ and ‘PAGV yield losses were obtained with increased frequency of potato cropping. To examine the influence of fungal pathogens, several potatoExpand
Perspectives of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation
Biological soil disinfestation is an environmentally friendly method to disinfest soil. From now on we refer to it as anaerobic soil disinfestation (ASD). With ASD a green manure crop (40 t/ha) isExpand
Control ofRhizoctonia solani in potato by biological, chemical and integrated measures
SummaryThe effects of biological, chemical and integrated control on the formation of selerotia ofRhizoctonia solani on new potato tubers were studied in experimental fields. Sprouts of seed tubers,Expand