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Electrophysiological effects of bepridil and its quaternary derivative CERM 11888 in closed chest anaesthetized dogs: a comparison with verapamil and diltiazem
1 The electrophysiological effects of bepridil, its quaternary derivative, CERM 11888 (methylpyrrolidinium bromide) (both 2.5 mg kg−1 i.v.) and those of verapamil and diltiazem (0.2 mg kg−1 i.v.)Expand
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Cardiotoxicity of high doses of isoproterenol on cardiac haemodynamics and metabolism in SHR and WKY rats.
The haemodynamic and metabolic effects on the heart due to high doses of isoproterenol were compared in spontaneously hypertensive (SHR) and normotensive Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) rats. In baselineExpand
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Interaction of a potential antimigraine drug (Org GC 94) with the vasomotor action of serotonin.
The interaction of a potential anti-migraine drug (Org GC 94) with the vasomotor action of 5-HT in vitro in feline, canine and human intra- and extracranial arteries, as well as in vivo in the canineExpand
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1 Bepridil, a novel active compound for prophylactic treatment of anginal attacks, induced persistent bradycardia and a non‐specific anti‐tachycardial effect, the mechanisms of which wereExpand
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Sudden death and experimental acute myocardial infarction.
Acute myocardial ischemia was produced by ligature of the anterior descending coronary artery on 658 dogs in 3 separate laboratories. Overall, 12% of the dogs died within the first hourExpand
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An automated superfusion technique for measuring circular muscle contraction. Effects of serotonin on intra- and extracranial arteries.
A new in vitro technique is described and its advantages are demonstrated: "true" circular contraction is measured; arteries are in cascade, permitting comparison of intra- and extracranial arteriesExpand
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Electrophysiological effects of the new cardioactive drug CERM 4205: a comparative study in an animal model and in man.
The cardiac electrophysiological effects of CERM 4205, a new cardioactive agent, were studied by means of intracardiac electrodes in man and in anaesthetized dogs. The results show that CERM 4205 isExpand
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Amino ketone and amino alcohol derivatives of benzoxazolinone: synthesis, adrenergic and antihypertensive properties
Abstract The concept of bioisosterism between benzoxazolinone and pyrocatechol has led to the synthesis of benzoxazolinone analogues of the catecholamines which display β- and α-blocking properties.Expand
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[(Arylpiperazino-4-butyryl)-6 benzoxazolinones and reduction products: chemistry and pharmacodynamic study].
The synthesis of various 6-(4-arylpiperazino-butyryl)-3-methyl-benzoxazolinones and their reduction products, 6-(4-arylpiperazino-1-hydroxy-butyl)-3-methyl-benzoxazolinones andExpand
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