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Calculation of change in brain temperatures due to exposure to a mobile phone.
This study evaluated for a realistic head model the 3D temperature rise induced by a mobile phone with the consecutive use of an FDTD model to predict the absorbed electromagnetic power distribution, and a thermal model describing bioheat transfer both by conduction and by blood flow. Expand
A mathematical model to calculate temperature distributions in human and rabbit eyes during hyperthermic treatment.
  • J. Lagendijk
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physics in medicine and biology
  • 1 November 1982
A mathematical model based on the finite difference method has been developed to calculate transient and steady state temperature distributions in normal unexposed human and rabbit eyes, and humanExpand
The magnetic resonance imaging-linac system.
To allow real-time imaging of all patient tumor locations at the actual treatment position a fully integrated 1.5-T, diagnostic quality, magnetic resonance imaging with a 6-MV linear accelerator is presented and must enable detailed dose painting at all body locations. Expand
Integrating a 1.5 T MRI scanner with a 6 MV accelerator: proof of concept.
The simultaneous operation is shown by performing diagnostic quality 1.5 T MRI with the radiation beam on and this proof of concept opens the door towards a clinical prototype to start testing MRI-guided radiation therapy (MRIgRT) in the clinic. Expand
Quality assurance guidelines for ESHO protocols.
MRI/linac integration.
A prototype hybrid MRI/linac for on-line MRI guidance of radiotherapy (MRIgRT) is under construction, to deliver the radiation dose with mm precision based on diagnostic quality MR images. Expand
Measurements and clinical consequences of prostate motion during a radiotherapy fraction.
It appeared that on average, the intrafraction prostate motions did not result in margins larger than 1 mm, provided that the position verification is performed at time intervals of 2 to 3 min, and only for some patients performing more frequent position verification or adding extra margins of2 to 3 mm is required to account for intrafractions prostate motions. Expand
B  1+ Phase mapping at 7 T and its application for in vivo electrical conductivity mapping
A new approach to measure local electrical conductivity in tissue is presented, which is based on the propagating B  1+ phase and the homogeneous Helmholtz equation and might open future opportunities for tumor and lesion characterization based on conductivity differences, while it may also find application in radio frequency safety assessment. Expand
Intrafraction motion of the prostate during external-beam radiation therapy: analysis of 427 patients with implanted fiducial markers.
Intrafraction motion of the prostate occurs frequently during external-beam irradiation on a time scale of 5-7 min, and margins of 2 mm account for these intrafraction motions, however, larger margins are required in practice to accommodate other uncertainties in the treatment. Expand
ESHO quality assurance guidelines for regional hyperthermia.
QA guidelines have been formulated based on the experience of the institutes which are active in clinical regional hyperthermia using radiative equipment and the focus is on what must be done not on how it should be done. Expand